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2019-08-04 19:29 by Sarah Denninger
in Artwork , 10 references

Hello my wonderful followers! I just wanted to remind you that I do have artwork that is for sale and I would greatly appreciate anybody who wants to purchase a piece or two right now. I am still working on my goal to save up for Iceland and I also have a nice week long trip later this month where I will be visiting a few places I have never been and trying out some climbing i have never done. I am excited but also nervous. 

So here is the link to my gallery and thank you guys 

Stories will resume tomorrow and I have a good one for you guys. 

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2019-08-02 09:19 by Sarah Denninger
in Artwork , 7 references

Recently I have been thinking about making a few more pieces. Maybe some with cats, maybe some more tree based ones, or it could just be me trying out lakes. To be honest I am not sure what I am feeling or what I will try and make. I just know that I have been slowly feeling that itch. So in the next few days your may see some new pieces for you guys to choose from and if I do make some new pieces some of the old ones might drop in price which means...more art at even better prices. Its a win win situation for everybody. 


This is one of those pieces that I have had for some time and it is looking for a home. If you purchase a piece today it goes towards my dad's birthday gift. Which I am excited about. I hope you guys will help us out and will make his birthday extra special. After all he is worth it. 

There are plenty of pieces that are like this one that I have for sale. They all are ready to go to new homes and each and every one is an original piece that I made with my own two hands. Every purchase helps me with my travels, it helps with birthday celebrations and it helps out with those tough times we all have every now and then. 


This is another one that is small, easy to transport and makes quite a statement on its own. If you want something small to start your art collection then this is the piece for you. If you want to see everything I have in my gallery then click here to go check it out. Thanks you guys. 

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The countdown is real now. The fourth is only days away and I am so stoked. Are you stoked? Because you guys will get to see the video once it is edited and all done. Really I am so excited to see what happens and how the day will play out. To help support this amazing day and to give my father all the love he deserves please come check out my art gallery. 

And here are some of the art pieces that are super affordable! 

[[Gallery image missing or removed]]

[[Gallery image missing or removed]]

[[Gallery image missing or removed]]


I hope you guys will continue to support me and continue to follow along on this journey that we call life. Thanks so much for being amazing and I look forward to seeing some of these pieces go to new homes. 

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2019-07-30 09:42 by Sarah Denninger
in Artwork , 13 references

In about a week we will be celebrating my Dad's birthday. This time though I have a surprise for him so I ask that you guys take a look at my gallery and see if any art peaks your interest. If any of it does and you purchase one then the money you guys spend goes towards his big surprise. So I appreciate each and every person who does purchase an art piece and helps make this birthday a super special one for him. 

So click here to to go my gallery and see if any of the pieces peak your interest. Down below is one of my smaller pieces that I made very recently so if you want something small, affordable, and quite cool to look at it then purchase this one now. 


And of course I also have a YouTube channel!So here is a video that shows some of my content. If you like what you see then hit that subscribe button!

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2019-07-20 06:22 by Sarah Denninger
in Artwork , 16 references

As I sit here eating my cheesecake this morning I am writing this article to remind you guys that I am making the trek to Atlanta to go...climbing! Of course its not just me but there are others joining me but they are all driving together. How exciting! Adventure it so exciting...of course im also tired af right now but I know that once I am on the road that things will get better and that I will wake up pretty quickly. 

While we are on the road to the big ATL please check out my artwork and see if any of it peaks your interest. Click here to go check it out now! 

And of course here are some of my favorite pieces that are for sale right now. 


[[Gallery image missing or removed]]



Ill inform you of what happened when we return! WISH US LUCK IN SENDING IT

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