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Heyoooo! So I do still have this piece for sale! Come check it out. 


If your interested please email me at 

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Down below is a video to show you guys how I transport all of my poster board pieces at this time. In the future we will be getting some tubes to make the transportation easier but as of right now were using boxes because we have quite a few of them. We get our order from Uline which means we have to get a large bundle to be able to purchase from them. It makes our lives easier and I generally think that having large amounts of these boxes helps to reduce costs and so on. 


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Heyoooo! So I do have a new piece that is for sale .if your a lover of Disney land that I would definitely take a look. 


If your interested please email me at 

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2019-01-22 12:26 by Sarah Denninger
in Artwork , 18 references

I grew up going to Disneyland at least once a year. It was one of those things that we did to remind ourselves how much of a kid we really are inside. To be honest it was one the one trip that I looked forward to every year. We got to walk around to all the roller coasters, enjoy each others company, and play games until we were exhausted. It was one of those trips that you just never really got tired of. For me I always enjoyed going to Universal and I still enjoy going there. The rides are amazing and the attractions are spot on. I grew up watching Disney movies so for me it was as magical as it could get. 


This piece was inspired by the castle and even though its not 100% in terms of accuracy on the color and location I did want to give this a try and make a piece with the famous Disney castle. If you are interested in this piece please email me at so that we can chat and get this to you as quickly as possible. 

If you want to see other pieces that are for sale please click here

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Its weird when your running a business and you look back on how much you have sold. Last Night I finally did all these spreed sheets to see how much money I made per month. To be honest I was surprised at the numbers and I am working to get over the numbers in 2019. So I do ask that you guys take a look at what I have for sale right now. I will be making a few more spray paint pieces today and will have them for sale by tomorrow at the latest. If you are looking for something small I have a couple of Dirty Pour pieces that I would like to see gone. 



If you want something bigger then there are pieces down below that you can choose from. 

[[Gallery image missing or removed]]


I'm really close to getting my goal so a few of the pieces that are shown will help me to reach that or get over that quota. If none of these pieces peak your interest please click here to check them out. But if any of them here does interest you please email me at Most of the smaller pieces I can get to your home anywhere from 2-3 days. 



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