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2019-08-15 10:41 by Sarah Denninger
in YouTube , 11 references

So today I just want to remind everybody that I do have a youtube channel that I run on the side. I recently posted a video of my second skydive so please go check that out by watching the video below.

Please make sure to subscribe, like, and comment! Thank you guys so much!

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As you guys probably know by now, I took my dad skydiving for the first time on the 4th of August. It was his birthday present and I can say that he absolutely loved the jump. Of course I couldn’t let him do it on his own soooo, I signed up as well. We both got videos and photos and I finally got the video uploaded onto YouTube. Of course I did not edit the video so all copyrights go to Skydive the Gulf and I put it in the description itself. So without further ado here is the video for you guys to watch. I honestly am still in that "holy ****" moment with myself because It really doesn’t feel real. It doesn’t feel like I jumped out of a plane at 120 mph. 

Yet I did and here is the video to prove that I did it all on my own. Enjoy you guys. Make sure to subscribe, like and follow along!


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So I know that you guys are aware that I have a YouTube channel. Or at least I think you guys are aware, if not your about to know all about it. 

When I travel I usually do videos where I show you what happened, I talk about the experience, and I give you guys recommendations so if and when you go to that same place, you have some knowledge and can pick and choose the best way to plan your trip. Of course that's the way I run my channel now. When I first started I just did videos where it was almost like a music video of sorts. I took everything I had, edited some parts of the videos themselves, threw some music on it and went with it. So I am going to share some of my older stuff on here today and ask that you guys watch them, give them a like, comment on them, and of course share them with others. Youtube is a great platform and I can't wait to continue sharing my experiences with you guys. 

Of course, this is a little bit of a throwback for me and it kind of fits since today is throwback Thursday. So please check out my YouTube channel, subscribe, like, comment and follow along on this journey that we call life. There are plenty more videos to share!

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2019-07-22 14:35 by Sarah Denninger
in YouTube , 16 references

I took a large group to Ecofina Springs last week. While we were there I got some footage of us hanging out, the water, and of course a few people jumping from the tree that was there. If you havent seen my videos then here is a chance to check them out. Down below will be the video of Ecofina. Enjoy ya'll!

While you check it out please subscribe! 

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2019-07-18 10:32 by Sarah Denninger
in YouTube , 4 references

In case you missed it, I posted a video yesterday. The video is of the project I did for Immamuel Church. It shows you the process, the pour itself, and the ending result. If you’re interested in seeing it all then please watch the video down below. Give it a like, subscribe and of course share it with others. 

I will be posting another video of the two trips I did to Ecofina Springs soon. Both trips were a lot of fun but I think the second one definitely had more exploring then anything. The other had the whole trip in its entirety. So I will be sharing both in the same video with you guys. I hope you’re excited! 


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