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Right now I am working on my next video. I did a couple of trial runs but it is not quite ready for you guys to hear. I'm hoping to refine the podcast and get it up by tomorrow afternoon so that you all can start getting information on what happened in Colombia and what you should do when you make your down there. Of course, right now it is not possible to do that but I hope it will be useful in the future when we are able to travel again. 

As I am working on the podcast I will say that I will do one episode where I talk about what happened with the coronavirus and how that affected us on our travels over there. That episode in particular will be an interesting one to cover but it will be a necessary one. I want to share all the details I can and in this current time, we are still "going through" this pandemic. So it is only right that I share details on what we experienced with this in effect. 

For now, though I ask that you check out my other videos I posted from when we were in Colombia. They are quite fun to watch. The latest one is down below. Enjoy!

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This weekend we're thinking about going to Ecofina Springs. If you follow my YouTube channel you know that I posted a video from the last trip we did out there. Of course, it was a little warmer then it is now so I'm not sure how it would go this time around. Honestly, it would be fun to go back and make another video and see the difference between the two. 

If you didn't watch my video from last summer then check it out down below. 

I really appreciate you guys for being amazing and for supporting me in all o my endeavors. I have so many things planned and with COVID happening, it has been a struggle to do those things, let alone pay the bills. I hope that you guys will continue to follow my journey and support me as we all get through this difficult time.


We are also super close to getting past the double digits on the number of art pieces I Have left in my gallery and it has been such a big help to not only say goodbye to some (for downsizing purposes) but it has also helped with keeping me fed and make ends meet. 

So click here to go to my gallery to see what I have left. 

The piece down below is the OTHER sister of the piece that sold yesterday. Click the buy now button for it to become your's today. 

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It looks like you guys have been following along on my Colombia Youtube journey and it has been amazing to see the growth as time goes on Its been slow but that is totally ok considering the kind of content that I post. With COVID happening I have been able to get my videos out and make sure that you guys are getting updates almost every week. I have one more video to post and after that, I will start talking to you guys about my experiences and sharing with you my thoughts on the country itself, places I have visited, and give you an estimate of what I spent while I was over there. 

While you guys wait for those videos to start rolling gout I ask that you check out the other videos that I have posted from Colombia. They will all be down below. Two of my friends are also in the videos so if you see unfamiliar faces that is them. They invited me on this trip and I am glad that they went with me or I would have been so lost over there on my own. 

So check them out now and make sure to subscribe to get more content. I have plenty to post. 

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2020-05-02 12:05 by Sarah Denninger
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Yesterday I edited another Youtube video! Check it out down below!


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Hey there guys. Just like I posted on my Twitter feed I am now posting my next Youtube video. This is a video of the cocora valley hike that we did just outside of Salento. I hope you guys enjoy this because it was one of my favorite hikes that we did while we were in Colombia. The whole hike was about 6 hours and that is if you choose to keep going once you got to the halfway point. You can turn around and head back at any point really but the whole hike itself is worth the time. When we got there I was unsure myself about doing the whole hike but everyone else around me was down to go and do it so I just decided to do it. After all when was the next time I was going to be in Colombia?

So here is the video. This video starts at the halfway point so the video is of the second half of the hike itself but it is still beautiful. 

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