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2017-08-21 07:30 by Sarah Denninger
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Today is the day. The day of the Eclipse. Now for those of you that dont know much about what you can and cant do can go to the ticker and read all about what can happen if you make a mistake. So, now that we have given you more information about today, let me just say some things to think about. 

Technically speaking there are very few casses where someone has actually gotten a GOOD picture of the eclipse. Very few have made the impossible possible and today someone may make history. To be honest my Dad and I are both hoping to get decent shots of this event and share it with you guys. On the other hand it could also mean our impending doom. Now im not much for being blown to itty bitty bits but honestly, the eclipse is a perfect time for that. Our world is already in chaos and as it stands right now we could all be looking at the sky oblivious to whats coming and BAM there we go. All in smoke. Now lets pray that doesnt happen today but if it does, let it be known that I put it out there for you all to put in history. For the past two days ive been saying that we could all die by the time the eclipse is happening. 

IN any case, please please please be careful out there today. I know that this is a huge thing in history for us and we live in a world where technology is crazy and we want to document everything and anything but be aware that looking at the eclipse can ruin your electronics and your cell phones. This is one of those life time events where you can literally ruin your eyeballs and technology in seconds. Don't be an idiot and please read up on this. I can already see all the people around me being idiots and ruining their eyesights. I personally love to see and would not want to loose my vision so as exciting as this is for me I know that experiencing it is more important than staring at it and capturing it on camera. 

So yes, there is a two minute window to capture this event on your camera and we are taking that chance but, before and after I am just going to sit back and memorize how this will turn out because, I rather be safe then sorry. I hope you all will do the same thing and make good decisions. Please be safe and just enjoy this moment.

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