Dyeing hair
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2017-08-24 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Dyeing hair

Ive always been one of those people who dyes my hair. I started in Middle school and I think it was because I wanted to feel different. I thought that by dying my hair I could change myself in some way. My dad said yes since it was normal hair color and off I went. Only problem was that I had never done it myself. So I had a friends mom do it for me. At first it seemed to be difficult and way to messy for me. I wasnt as brave about doing my own hair so I left it to the adults. 

After a year I changed my mind and did my first at home experience with dying my hair. I quickly found a routine and how I liked doing the process. I found hacks to keep my bathroom clean and I even have a set of towels that I use for hair dying. I cant began to tell you how many colors I have done or how many bleach applications I have gone through. My hair has somehow survived and through it all I have found one look that I actually like. 

Through my years in high school I found out that blonde streaks looked good in my hair. It made me stand out and I liked the way it seemed to match my complection. I thought that it made me look good and I even got bolder with it. I went from streaks to a whole section of hair being blondish/white.It honestly changed my whole look and I saw something that I could maintain. So Once a year I bleach a section on top of my head and go back to a blonde/white color and keep the rest natural. Really I enjoy the white color mroe then anything. It makes a statement and I like being different from others.

Do you dye your hair?


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