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2017-08-26 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Recently ive been reliving some of my favorite shows. Of course these shows arent just any regular shows. What I watch is usually centered around nerd central and what a lot of people make fun of. That show? Anime. Yes I watch anime. The reality of me loveing anime and watching it as often as I do is that it makes me feel happy. For a time being I get to enter this world that is completely made up and imagine myself in it. The best part? Theres more then one world. ONce you finish a series you can then go to a different one. from there you get to experiecne more of the things you loev. Action. Adventure. Love. Its just in an anime version. 

Ever since I was in middle school I have been watching anime. Granted I dont watch it as often now as I did when I was in school. WHen I was in school it was brand new and I wanted to watch everything at once. I wanted to see what this was all about and I loved the creative aspect of it. Eventually I saw so many of them that I made a list. To this day I have seen over 200 animes and must have read 15 manga series. Honestly for me it helped me make friends and for that I was greatful. It was a break from a time when I hated school and it became the center of our worlds then. 

Watching animes has given me a time to escape. Sure it seems like its a waste of time to most people and I can understand why. Its a show and sometimes peopel get too into it but, its also an art and I enjoy a good story. 

So, do YOU watch anime? 


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