Salt Lamps
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2017-08-30 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Salt Lamps

One of the things that I got from someone that is a mother figure to me, is her love for salt lamps. We used to work for Earthbound Trading Company and at the time I was just getting to know her. She spoke highly of Salt Lamps and after I bought one for myself and experienced what they could do...well I fell in love with them. I started buying more and more of them until my Dad made a comment on them. It seemed that I had gone a little crazy about the whole thing. He told me about electricity and how much it cost to power each of them. Really it didn’t mean much to me but it also isn’t my house. So what did I do? I resorted to buying ones where you can put tea lights in them. 

I can’t begin to tell you how much I want to make a room filled with them. I want a whole Salt Lamp room for myself and one day I hope I can achieve that. I think they are so therapeutic and they do help out with allergies and headaches. For me they have made me feel more at home and at peace with myself. I like how they look and how each one is very different from another. Some come in very light colors and others come in a deep deep red that lets the light barely come through. I even got picky enough to go through all of the boxes until I found one I loved. 

Earlier this year I found some new versions of Salt Lamps. Except its rocks/geoids. They have a whole carved on the top of them where you can put tea lights in. Once they are lit they create this beautiful glow that just takes you away. Breaking it down for you guys, one my desk alone I have one medium salt lamp, three geoid lamps, and one tea light Salt lamp. On the left side of me I have one more tea light salt lamp on a high shelf and to the left there are two more that are on a desk by the window. Of course that’s no all I have. I took one of them and put the small salt lamp in the guest bedroom and gave one to my Dad as a gift. The last one is the largest one and probably my prize possession when it comes to Salt Lamps. It’s an X-Large Salt Lamp and I took almost a while year to pick one out. 

In total I have 8 that are salt lamps and I now have 3 that are geoid lamps. I just can’t seem to stop buying them and if you love something that is different and beautiful then you should look into getting one. They are so amazing and I wouldn’t get rid of them for any reason.

So thank you Mother Spirit for passing this love of Salt Lamps to me because I would have never bought any if it weren’t for you.  



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