Sitting Duck
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2023-10-20 10:10 by Sarah Denninger
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Sitting Duck

It's strange to be home during this time of the year. I know that I'm making the changes needed to move forward but I'm not a fan of being stuck in one place when I could be out hiking trails all over the western side of the state. It bums me out a bit and really makes concentrating hard. All I can think about these days is just being out on the trail or having some quiet. 

Once you get a taste of what you love it's hard to put it on stand-by, even if it is for a good reason (like switching jobs).

For now, I'm taking the time to get ready for training and while I am nervous I'm ready to get this over with. It's one of those things that would be good financially but I hate classes. They bore me and while it will be helpful in the long term to know what I'm doing I also know how I am when it comes to training where I have to listen instead of doing the motions. Luckily the verbal abuse is only for a week and then it's a mix of verbal with actual action like learning. 

While this is going on I will be still working at my current job because I still need to make money so I will be juggling both jobs for a short time. Or at least that is the plan currently. 

I don't know what the plan is from here besides making more money but I am planning to do something in January/Feb time frame and am hoping for suggestions for the Southern part of the United States. If anyone knows any trails or anywhere to visit shoot me a message. Any are appreciated. 

For now, I shall sit, learn, and dream of faraway places. 

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