Slowing Down
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2023-12-14 09:17 by Sarah Denninger
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Slowing Down

Were finally at a slowdown. 

Thank god. The last month or so has been a wild ride and has been super tough to navigate. Currently, I am working two jobs and I am trying to finish one job so I can keep the other. But it's been hard with the contract I signed for this new job. It also has been tough to get used to the tech side of this new job. Basically, I am tech support for QB which is good in that it pays more and I can work from anywhere but the bad news is that I have limited hours I can work. So it's been tough. I am waiting to see if I can move my contract with them now that I am getting more comfortable.

The plan is to go back to one job by Late January which is enough time to get some extra cash with both jobs, Quit the job I no longer want, and be comfortable in my new job. Honestly, I can't wait to have one job. It's a lot to go back and forth with both of these clients that I am working with. It's putting unnecessary stress on me and it just makes me dread the day ahead most of the time. When I quit the Job I no longer want then I can go back to doing more crafty things and finally experiment with artwork again and get back on the road with Lylah. 

I'm looking forward to going back to Vegas area, Exploring more of the wonderful state of Utah, Seeing more of Idaho in the spring, and finally making my way up towards Alaska. I have big plans and I can't wait to do them all. Gimli is in for a time of his life. 


For now, here is a piece of artwork that I hope someone will want to take off my hands. 



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