Snowboarding complete, half marathon training resumes.
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Snowboarding complete, half marathon training resumes.

Were back from the snowboarding trip 

Now that we are back I am back in the full swing of my half marathon training. I took roughly a week and a half off from running for a few reasons. One was because my foot has been hurting a bit since I got back from the Grand Canyon trail that we did back in September/October with my Dad. It was an on-and-off pain since then but it progressed due to a pair of shoes that I had been wearing running in. I learned over time in running in them that I was heel striking and I think it caused a bruised bone to form. Which is the worst because you can't do anything about it and you have to take it easy for it to heal. So this time I took off has helped a lot. I didn't do much, just walked, snowboarded, and took the time from running to take off the pressure from the heel. Along with taking the time off I also switched back to five-finger shoes which I had used for a very long time before trying other brands and my posture, running form, and overall feel changed immediately. The pressure was no longer there and it helped a lot to stop using the shoes that were causing problems. 

Now that we're back and im rested I did my first 4-mile run and it wasn't great, felt off, but I managed to do the 4 miles without stopping which I think is a good sign, along with my foot no longer hurting/feeling numb from time to time. Im hoping to get into the full swing and push more and more for this half marathon training. I would love to get into the swing of doing a 10 k with a 9-minute average pace and push myself hard from there to try and see if I can get sub 2. Of course, I have no idea if that will happen but it has been a goal for a long while. 

We shall see if I can make that happen this year. I think that would be a big accomplishment for me to finally have that ticked off on my list of things to accomplish as a runner. 

If you are a runner here is a question for you. What kind of shoes do you wear? Is there a brand you absolutely love or hate? Let me know. 

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