Feeling good
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Feeling good

Currently, I am working on a half marathon in September. In September I will be running the Smokey Mountain half marathon as well as the 5k the night before. So in total, we are looking to have run 16 - 17 miles in two days. I'm not sure what to think about that but I am staying positive as I move along. so far running a 10k hasn't been an issue and I've been able to run 6.2 in under an hour (right around 58 minutes total) which is great. I'm hoping that for this race I may be able to push to being sub 2 but its unclear how it will feel out on the route. 

The good news about that is the route is not too far from where we live. I can swing by there once a month to run the route with Lylah and get a feel for the ups and downs in the path and where to push and where to slow down. The other halves I have done I didn't have the access to it (except the one in Florida) so I'm sure this will make a huge difference in my training. Im excited and happy that I'm feeling so good while running these longer distances because not too long ago I was dying with the longer runs. Im hopeful and pushing as much as I can for this one. 


Are you working towards any running goals? Any races planned?

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