Peeling it away
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2024-05-20 12:48 by Sarah Denninger
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Peeling it away

In a few weeks, I'll be going back to P.A for a quick weekend getaway. I'm excited to go back to that city and do a little more exploring and hang out with my bfs family. .Of course, it's shorter than we like but we will take what we can for our trips at this point. I'm sure we will be back sooner rather than later. 

Before we do that we are going to be working on wallpaper and trying to finish that up so that we can mud and paint the hallway to our liking. We will be ready to be done with this task as we have many more renovations that need to be completed including a whole new bathroom remodel. That I know will be worth it but will also be something new to learn. In this experience I am learning all new things about how to do remodeling that I am hoping to take with me into the future for when I find a home of my own that I'm sure will be a fixer-upper.


For now, I will take the freedom of traveling in my van and keep my eyes peeled for what may come next. Who knows it may turn into something exciting and new that I can build upon. Only time will tell when it comes to what lies ahead of us. and Maybe someday I will have the pleasure of sharing that with you guys and what we have learned.  



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