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2017-10-08 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Nudge Nudge

So last night I went and saw Blade Runner. The new one. So if you guys are worried about spoilers then turn away because I need to say something about this movie. 


So yesterday my Dad and I go to the movies. We had made a plan to go to the bar afterwards and have a drink and some food. The hurricane situation with Nate was happening and we were just going about our day. We didn’t think it was anything and it really was a little storm. Anyways so we get to the movies and pull up the theater and sit down and after a lot of previews and some popcorn eating the movie finally starts. Now I had high expectations for this movie. I heard great reviews and I mean, it was a classic. So we go into this movie all hyped up. 

That took a nose dive very quickly. I had moments where I wasn’t sure what was happening and it was SO dramatic. They played this scene where K finds the horse in the furnace and him having the breakdown was overdone. I was sitting there wondering why it took so long to transition. Maybe it was broken? The movie goes on and I think i stopped being all interested half way through. The drama in the movie was way overstretched. I even looked at my watch to see how long the movie had been playing. 

Maybe I need to give it another look, maybe I need to watch the original and then watch it, I don’t know. All I do know is that I was highly disappointed and afterwards I had a pounding headache. 

So of course we go to the bar and I order myself a drink. Now in spite of everything I had been wanting another piercing. My helix had healed up and I was ready for another one. So I bounced my happy ass down to the shop where my piercer was and immediately I was greeted by two females. One had her face all pierced and I came in for the industrial. I had wanted one for a while and so I finally got the courage to go do it. 

I am one of those people who goes back to the same piercer and no one else. Yes that is me. 

So I of course went through the usual. "hey" "how are you girl?" "I’m back for another one"
Once that was done I was taken into the back and given all the rants about her day and how she wasn’t looking forward to Friday the Thirteenth because it was one of their busiest times. I always love chatting with her because she is real and she is always nice to me. I have never had any problems with her and she has done amazing on all my piercings, I even got my tongue done by her. 

So I now have a new baby and I am in love with the way it looks on me. I love it so much and even though I know it will take forever to heal, it will look amazing. 

Sometimes you have to just go for the things you want. 


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