Black Friday Shopping
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2017-11-25 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Black Friday Shopping

Yesterday was an interesting time. Usually when I work on Black Friday I always leave the store with one story about some customer who did something stupid. This year was not the case. Yesterday I woke up, got ready, went to work and the first thing they had me do was stand outside where we were serving our delicious velvety Hot chocolate. Except it was between 70 - 85 degrees outside. Nobody wants hot chocolate on a day when it is almost perfect beach weather.  So I stood outside and started serving the general public. For me, it was perfect because I am usually pretty quiet and I find good ways to entertain myself. So I stood and stirred the hot chocolate every five or ten minutes and of course looked pretty. 

While I am doing my best to make sure the hot chocolate stays as delicious as it should be I come to somehow talking to an officer on duty. I’m not intimidated by people on the job and I respect people who work a job who put their life on the line. Now does that mean that I agree with everything police officers do? No. There have been a few videos I have seen where the officer has been in the wrong but I also try to keep an open mind about people I talk to. This officer was no different. 

In the end we talked about Black Friday and she told me about her travels last night. She had to make a trip to toys R Us and she told me that they were open around 7 p.m for black Friday deals. I told her about my friend who worked at Target and had to work a double on Black Friday. From there we talked about the differences between black Friday in today’s time vs ten years ago. How people were lined up around the block waiting to be let inside the store. I may have been eleven at that time but I do remember the lines. There were news stories everywhere and there are still videos of people beating each other up and stealing each others items. It is still crazy out there, just on a lower key in some places. 

It’s funny how technology has changed the way we work as a whole and that even includes us going out and physically buying things. That just doesn’t happen anymore. 

So do you do all your black Friday shopping online? 


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