Thank you T
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2017-12-04 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Thank you T

The other day I opened the store at my part time job. The truth of everything is that it takes me forever to wake up these days. Every time my dad knocks on the door it takes me fifteen minutes to just feel my body enough to gain function. I literally become one with the mattress overnight. Of course Once I am up, my brain is in a numb mode until I get moving. 

So I go through the routine. I wake up, get dressed, go next door to the neighbors so I can take care of the animals, give them some love, go back to my house, shower, redress, drink coffee, and then get in the car. From there I usually am close to awake and I feel somewhat like a human. Function is pretty normal but, my eyes are still pretty tired. By the time I get to the store I am mostly feeling myself. I walk through the swinging door and immediately I am greeted by my friend and manager. It takes me a moment to respond but I notice that she does a second glance at the way that I respond. I tell her how tired I am and she immediately nods and smiles (also were going to call her T for this story). See the wonderful thing about T is that she really does understand and even when she has a bad day she still can make others smile. She’s a great positive ball of energy and she is always so encouraging. Every time I get a chance to work with her I feel like we are growing our friendship and working beside her and under is a great honor to me. 

After we get through our little morning chat I go on to start opening the store and I notice that there is a new girl in the store. It doesn’t take long for T to introduce her to me and I smile and say hello to her. She nods and smiles and then we both go on to our tasks. 

Really the day went by smoothly and I had a lot of fun. Why? Well because I got some retraining just by being in the room with T and the new girl. It brought me back to when I first started and it made me appreciate the people that I know and that I am very lucky to have worked with T and have a connection with her. She really helped me in a bad time and she always makes me smile. So hearing her train this new girl made me go over my training. There were times when I even knew what T was going to say and would lip sync with her when saying it. We even had a chance to catch up a bit and talk about our days and what was going on. I hadn’t really talked to her and I had missed her while I was on my trip. I felt like we both had a good time chatting while we worked and I know that I enjoyed just being able to relax with her.

Days like that make me love working at my part time job and I am so lucky to be able to have a job while I am doing so much. So if you are reading this T....well thank you. It means a lot to me and you are a wonderful soul who does a lot for me spiritually and mentally. Your positivity is contagious and I appreciate being able to have these conversations with you. So thank you for being you. It means a lot to not only me but others who love you as well. 


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