Human Race entertainment
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2017-12-05 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Human Race entertainment

I think the one things that never ceases to amaze me is the human race. Every time I think I have seen it all there is always something else that comes along and top it. Sometimes it’s something really dumb and other times it’s something that is pervy and unfun. Well this one was on the mild scale and it was more weird than anything else. Usually I get one person a day who really irritates me and lights my fuse. Always one. I never have a day where that one person decides to skip or I just get the right people when they come in. So of course I have this happen on a day where I am completely by myself and I am running around like crazy to make sure everything stays well stocked and to make sure we have the best customer service. 

So I have a line that is manageable by one person but only if you do it in a fashion where the customers see as fair. We have two stations in the store. One is the ice cream counter and the other is the chocolate/fudge counter. Both stations have items that customers want. I start out on ice cream and I usually serve two groups of people at ice cream and then if there is a customer over at fudge then I serve over there for a minute and then come back and help out on ice cream. This way I am being equal in a way and making sure that everyone waits an acceptable time. 

I get through my crowd and there is this one lady that is left behind. I go the ice cream and go through the dialog. 

"Hi mam, sorry for the wait. how may I serve you?"

"Hi does Ta***** still work here?"

a little surprised to hear that question I answer honestly and tell her that she no longer is working with us. She pauses and gives me a look. Unsure of what is happening I am sure that my face changed because she automatically started to spit out half sentences.

"I mean.... So did she know"

I really don’t like talking about other employees and giving away any information to people who I don’t know. It makes me feel like I am giving away confidential information and I really don’t want them trying to stalk them or anything. Yea trust me that does happen. Trying to think of what to say I tell her that she quit. I get another confused look and rephrase. I tell this lady that she had a personal emergency and that she had to go because of that. A full minute went by and she nods and then takes a huge breath. She then puts out there "I was just wondering.....ok thank you!" and then hurriedly leaves. 

Later on I told T about this story and she gave me one her signature looks. That WTH face and I told her that I didn’t understand what happened but that I did my best to handle the situation. I definitely added that to my weird list and now I get to keep an eye out for her again. The human race will never stop being entertaining...even if it’s in strange ways. 



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