Cold Weather
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2018-01-08 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Cold Weather

It’s been really cold her in the Panhandle. By cold I mean in the 20's and 30's kind of cold. WE even have warnings out that we have a "hard freeze warning" and were even warned on New Years eve that the roads may be slick from the rain freezing over. I can say that we were not pleased by that news. AS Floridians we expect crazy weather but we don’t expect it to drop below 50....ever. Yet here we are, wearing our "heavy jackets" and our beanies to keep us warm and comfy as we go on through our daily lives. 

Honestly though I love it. The cold weather has presented an opportunity that I didn’t have before. See I love to run in really cold weather. It helps my lungs, keeps me at a good temperature, and makes the run more enjoyable. Normally the humidity kills me and somewhere along my route I have to really slow down so that I don’t overdo it and end up passing out. Other times it makes it hard to breathe and after the first mile you are a puddle of sweat. In the cold I start a constant temperature and I can breathe a lot easier. I always feel like I can run for miles and miles and never stop. 

I know that the weather is supposed to warm up in the next few days and I will be very sad when that happens. The cold doesn’t bother me as it does others and I am glad that I stuck to my schedule and did the runs I needed to do to start the New Year right. I feel refreshed and I feel like I am breaking that wall that was holding me back before. Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated but the cold has relit that motivation again. 

All it takes is something small to keep you moving. 


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