Single or not
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2018-01-11 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Single or not

There is a first for everything. Just yesterday I had an experience that pushed myself to be very direct and of course in this situation it called for being very straight forward with what I had to say. 

SO of course I am doing my usual business and going through my day activities. I’m writing, editing, drinking coffee, advertising on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and on my blog. In the middle of all this there is someone who is messaging me on my Facebook page. Someone that has never posted a picture of himself and someone I hardly talk to. So of course he messages me and we start having a normal conversation. In the middle of writing on my blog he messages me this message 

"jw but are you single?"

I sat there for a full two minutes wondering how to respond to that. I honestly wasnt sure what anyone would just suddenly ask that and I honestly was feeling very conflicted about it. Ive been asked the question before but not so quickly in a conversation and not when I am trying to focus on myself, plus I dont know this guy and I will only date someone who pushes my buttons in just the right way. 

So I respond to him 

"Why would you ask that?" 

Now of course I know the answer to this question but I wanted him to tell me. 

"Well I’m looking for a stable relationship and on FB it says your single soooo"

Ya'll I nearly chocked on my espresso. Like excuse me but no. What gives you any thought that you have a chance with me when 1)I hardly know you and 2) you’re going off of facebook and my relationship status and 3) I even saw that you just got out of a relationship by stalking your own facebook so of course this is a rebound relationship your looking for so obviously hell no. 

I reply to him: "lol no thanks. I’m not looking for a relationship"

He replies: "What are you looking for?" 

I reply: "It shouldn’t matter what I am looking for, im just not interested. Go ask someone else that is single or get a dating app. I appreciate the thought In any case I hope you have a good day" 

I’m not a mean person and I do mean that I appreciate the thought but I have a lot to juggle and you just aren’t someone that pushes my buttons. Sorry not sorry man. 



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