New Bands to save the watch
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2018-08-09 09:24 by Sarah Denninger
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New Bands to save the watch

One of the things that comes with a watch is the idea that eventually you are going to have to replace the band that is holding it together. For me the vivoactive has always been a good watch. It filles my needs when it comes to running, biking, swimming, and hiking. Its small, the battery lasts for about a weeks time and on top on top of that it is able to get my stats for when I sleep. For me it was a nice way to keep track of my fitness and health and I am glad that I made the purchase (If you wish to check them out or purchase one click here)

Fast Forwarding to a year and a half later I can say that for the first time I had to replace the watch band. I didn't expect it to break. I was at work and I had started seeing wear and tear on the inside of the band.I thought maybe it would Last for a few more days and then I would order the new band. I was walking towards the ice cream bar and I grabbed my wrist. It was itchy so I twisted the watch a tiny bit and all I heard was this snapping sound. I look down and the watch is in pieces. 

Unsure of what to do and knowing that I wanted to wear it throughout the day I went ahead and took our tape and taped back together the two pieces. That night I went on Amazon and looked at the bands for the vivoactive. I didn't want to order one that was too expensive because I am not only on a budget but I also have my New Zealand trip to save for. So without much consideration I went ahead and purchased a new band in the color dark blue and waited for it to arrive. Within a few days it was at the house and I was able to change the band. 

I will say that it has taken a while for me to get used to. Its only because it is brand new so the band is pretty strange to take on and off. Its comfortable though so I don't have to worry about it itching or anything which is nice. It doesn't pinch and I enjoy the way it feels. They have several other colors so if you are in need of a new watch band that is at a reasonable price then check them out. 

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