Last night's concert
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2018-11-04 10:28 by Sarah Denninger
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Last night's concert

Last night we saw twenty one pilots in Tampa. It was one of those experiences that I know I will never forget. For me it was just as good as the first time I saw them almost three years ago but for the bf it was one of those first time experiences. 

We were seated on the third floor, all the way towards the ceiling and we waited patiently as two other bands played. I didn't realize that they has two opening acts so I was quite surprised when I saw them come out. Now I didn't think they were honestly all that good and was slightly dissapointed because one of the bands we got to listen to was a band that I grew up with. They had many issues and in the end we could barely understand them while they performed so we just kind of sat back and watched them as they did their performance .

After that twenty one pilots graced us with their presence .honestly it was so awesome .knowing the music, seeing them (even if it from really far away) and just being able to say that we saw them, all of it was glorious. Of course the bf didn't know to much of the music but he tried his best to get into the groove and stay with it .

The Co cert was about four hours long which I can tell you was not only 1) unexpected but also 2)amazing .So much time to hear a band that I love and cherish. So much time to see them do flips and talk about their pasts. So much time to live the dream and enjoy ourselves .

Once the concert was over we both were in a slight moment of awe. It wasn't until we got outside the arena that we talked about the performance and shared our thoughts. We both thought it was amazing but we both wanted to go to another one and be in the pit. So....that is something were looking into. 

There may be another concert on our future 

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