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For the past two weeks I have been running like the wind. It’s quite extraordinary how much I am improving and I just can’t believe the numbers. Last year alone I was running a 3.13 mile in 27:08. Now for some of you guys that sounds pretty fast but to be honest it’s still pretty slow. The average for that is around a 9:30 which is still pretty good but I always want to do faster if it is at all possible. Of course I have no idea what has brought on this sudden burst of speed, maybe the consistency of my diet or maybe the fact that I just do better in the cold, but I will gladly take it and work with it.



Now I can say that I don’t know what this will do when It comes to my races but on Thanksgiving we are doing the Recycle run and even though that is not competitive I will be putting my new speed to the test to see what happens when I am in a "competitive environment". Will I run even faster? Will I just keep pace? How many other females are running that kind of time at this moment? 

The new times I am running opens new possibilities and it just makes me excited to see where I land in this competitive sport. Historically women have always been slower when it comes to running and sadly we may never truly know why that is but just maybe there are a few who will be able to break the barriers and wow the world to seeing a new generation of athletic women. After all we work just as hard if not harder to break barriers and to accomplish bigger things. It will truly be exciting to see if I will continue to stay in the eight minute range or if I will get faster than this. 

Only time will tell. 


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