Seeking another job opportunity
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2018-12-03 12:50 by Sarah Denninger
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Seeking another job opportunity

Yesterday was one of those days that you just can’t let go of. For me it was an eye opener and I really think that I have learned more about myself in those twenty minutes then I have in the past year. When your under pressure and you get told some news you didn’t want to hear, things become more difficult to focus on. Getting home was an absolute daze and being home was so strange to me. To be honest, as I usually am, I know that my personality doesn’t fit a 9-5 job. I know that it’s one of those things that isn’t for everybody. It sucks. It really does because we live in a world where most jobs are 9-5. We live in a society where we have to work with being at the top of our game at all times when it comes to handling customers. You can't have bad days and if you do it shows in what you are doing while you are at your job. 

Before you all jump to conclusions I wasn’t fired and I’m not going to say what happened but let’s just say that I really did have a curve ball thrown in my face. 

It’s hard living in this kind of society. It’s hard being the person I am and only being able to work a 9-5 right now. I am seeking out other jobs to see what else there is. Preferably jobs where I don’t have to interact with customers and be in uniform all day. A job that fits who I am. This is one job that is close to what I want but it’s not making enough for me to live off of right now. It really is something that I enjoy and I am actively seeking to make it bigger and better but it’s not going to happen overnight and it is slowly growing. 

So if anybody out there knows any jobs that I can do on the road. Or maybe wants to hire me for some photography stuff or EVEN if it is just buying my art pieces or showcasing them please let me know. I need to find an alternative because I really don’t want to be in another corner that makes me wonder just how much longer I can last in a 9-5 job life. 

Thank you guys and I hope you have a wonderful day. 


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