T Minus three days
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2019-01-27 12:17 by Sarah Denninger
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T Minus three days

In a few days were leaving for New York. Were going to see D's sister and I can say that I am pretty excited about it. I like his sister and I have been around the buffalo area before so I know that it will be a treat. Not only that but I get away from my hometown for a little while. While we are in Buffalo we are going to go see Niagara falls which, to my knowledge, has been freezing over and I cannot wait to see it in action. I've always wanted to see it frozen over and get these magnificent pictures of something that is so rare. I really do hope I get to see it with my own eyes. 


There are so many things we have planned and I cannot wait to do them all. We will busy people having tons and tons of fun while we are away and I just know that it will turn out to be amazing. I love adventure and what it brings. It gives me new lessons, it shows me new things, and it shows me my true colors. It makes me happy to be alive each experience gives me insight to life itself. 


Personally I know that New York is great to do lots of cool and new things but I also know that it is a place I probably could never live in or nearby. Of course I dont really know that for sure but considering what D has told me about tolls to get around the area and taking into consideration that it is one of those cities that will get hit first if the world falls to ****...I rather not live there. 

Visiting it though will be nice to do and I am pumped. I hope you guys will keep an eye out for the posts that are to come your way. I am sure I will have plenty of stories to tell you. 


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