Cat Alarm
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2019-03-09 07:28 by Sarah Denninger
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Cat Alarm

Ah, don’t you love the sound of the cat alarm going off in the wee early morning? No? You don’t have a cat? Weird cause I do. I have two of them to be accurate. One is my dad’s and the other is my little princess. Both of them like to wake you up in different ways. Spice likes to sit and wait for you while you sleep but around eight she gets tired of waiting and will walk on you to try and get you to move. If you don’t move she starts to try and climb your furniture and knock into things making it sound like there is a tornado in your room. 

Then there is Midnight who not only will walk all over you to try and get you up but he also will try and open doors that he is not allowed to open. Of course they aren’t just any doors, they are the loudest doors in the world. He will try and try and try to get them open and each time you pop up to tell him no he walks away for a few seconds to only turn right back around and try again. Really it is quite annoying. 

Of course if his door alarm doesn’t work he then decides that singing to his people is the next best thing. Spice does this two and with the two of them combined it is like an opera is going on but one that only cats can understand. To you it sounds like they are dying and they need to scream out to the world that they are being abused because their food isn’t out exactly at a certain time. 

Finally you get up and make your way out to the food bowl, pour some food in the dish and they eat all happy and silent. So of course you walk away at peace with yourself. They have finally shut up....that is...until they can see the bottom of the food bowl in which they start up again because now the world is ending. They can see the bottom of the food bowl so they must chant away until you refill it. 

The life of a cat is so difficult, wouldn’t you say? 


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