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2017-07-15 06:20 by Sarah Denninger
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I really do love art. Every since I was little I loved to paint and draw. I thought that art was a fun thing to have around and I honestly had an art class until I was in the 8th grade. At my elementary school we had one or two days out of the week that we would go to art class and there I was taught on basics when it came to drawing. For me though it seemed to frustrating. I could never get my nose just right and I felt like I was failing at it. So I turned t anything else and go into sports. From there I joined the team that we have in our local community. Its more fun andyou get to meet more kids your age. you also get an hour worth of exercise a day for three times a week for on average two months. Its fun and from there I bounced back and forth in art. From elementary school to middle school I ended up taking an art class seventh grade. It was like a blast from the past and there I got to learn how to use paint. We got into canvas landscaping and abstract artforms. It was amazing and I felt right at home with the pieces. 

From Middle School to high school it turned into a passion for photography and film. I took the classes that started the I.T Program at my old high school. you got to work with cameras, take film, pictures, learn how to use programs, get certified in Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Digital Cinema. From there you also get chances to go to conventions to learn from the best of the best when it came to photographers. So many years of being inspired and through it all I got pretty good at sports. I started running on my free time when I was in middle school but it was only over the summer and from there I got bribed into joining the cross country team which I ended up hating. 

Now if you know me I run on a other day basis and I am training for a half marathon. Sometimes we even can surprise ourselves. I really thought I was never going to try and run farther then a mile. I hated doing the exercise, now I enjoy it. At the moment I am also getting very crafty and have been going crazy with painting, spraypaint, seashells, and so much more. I cant seem to stop creating new things and trying to make new art pieces. I love being an artist so much. 

If you are one of those creativly inclined people, dont hold it back, let it out. You may even surprise yourself with what you create. 

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