Cell Phone/Laptop Breaker
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2017-07-16 07:35 by Sarah Denninger
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Cell Phone/Laptop Breaker

I used to be terrible with technology. My specialty seemed to be computers. My dad would always be upgrading two things throughout my childhood. Cell Phones and Computers/Laptops. I can’t begin to tell you how many cell phones I have gone through and how many laptops I have nearly busted. Virus meant nothing to me when I was in middle school and I didn’t think anything of my actions. Honestly I thought that computers just took care of themselves in some way. I thought that maybe my dad was cleaning up behind my back or something. Maybe something magical happens at night when I sleep. I had no idea. Really all it was to me was an access to things I didn’t have in the physical world. Each time I got a laptop I always ended up getting viruses on it. The fastest I have ever gotten a laptop to stop working was a little under twenty four hours. My dad gave it to me as a present and it broke down overnight because of all he stuff I was uploading onto the laptop itself. Luckily he always managed to save the laptop at the last second. 

With cell phones it was a little different. I have always had a nasty habit of breaking a phone within a year time. I honestly have done it all when it comes to phone destroying. I’ve dropped a phone all kinds of ways and I had one go out on me from that. I’ve drowned a cell phone in a bag with an open water bottle. Drown one in the shower. Have one nearly explode from plugging it into a bad charger. I mean I have done it all when it comes to ways that I have murdered my cell phones. I got lucky to have a father that never ran out of cell phones to try so when I broke one he usually had a backup phone that was still in decent shape (since he never damaged his phones) and he didn’t mind giving me. 

Now I have done a little better with taking care of my technology. I think it comes down to time and money. For my biggest Christmas Present I got a new laptop and ever since I have gotten my own laptop that was to my specifications, not a hand me down I do take better care of it and I haven’t crashed it with a virus yet. In fact it still runs perfectly, no scratches on the screen and is pretty clean. As for my cell phone situation, it hasn’t changed that much. The only thing that changes is the size of the cell phones. I can barely take a picture now with my fingers, to me that’s ridiculous. But I have managed to take better care for it wear wise. It’s nice to have your own stuff and to know that if you break it, there is no back up so taking care of your items is a real thing. So be careful out there, sometimes backups may not happen at all. 


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