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2017-07-31 07:30 by Sarah Denninger
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Ive never been good with doctors. I think they are too much and they are expensive. Really I hate needles and i'm allergic to bull**** but a lot of what doctors tell me just make me set off this mantra in my head. Usually its full of cuss words but it also depends on whats happening at the time or how serious something is. Of course when I say that I hate doctors I also mean dentists. When I was little I actually threw a fit when I was at the dentist office and I don't know how many times I tried to run from them. I wanted nothing to do with being in that chair and I especially didn't want someone in my mouth scraping and poking me. It felt terrible and I cried up a storm. I wanted out and I wanted to never come back. Sadly though, I was forced to get used to it and every six months we made a routine visit to go and get my teeth cleaned. 

Since then I have gone on a regular six month basis and I even pay my own dentist bill. So of course I learned something about paying the bills. All I want is to make sure my teeth are clean and that I have no cavities. I dont care about X-Rays or the extra gunk that they try to sell. I dont care if my gums are slightly inflamed because I didn't brush as well this time. I especially don't care if you are trying to get me to go buy a new $500 retainer when mine is perfectly sanitary and still fits after almost five years of not having braces. You can try and sell me all the extra stuff but it wont work. 

Every time I go to the dentist they always try to sneak in something extra that I have to pay for and each time I tell them no because I am paying my own bills now and I have very little money to just throw around. I earn my money and I have things I want to do and some things I have to do because hey, that's life. Yet they still try and sneak into my budget and rob me of all that hard earned cash. Hell to the no. I don't need all that and I honestly don't think dentists understand that sort of thing. You clean teeth for a living and I bet it pays well but I work at ice cream shop and get paid above minimum wage and yea, I want to save my money. 

Its always funny how they try to rob me and try to make me spend more then i'm willing. Its a pretty common thing and my dad and I have both discovered that we just don't care. You cant prevent certain things from happening and as long as i'm clean, cavity free and I pay for that and that alone I am all set. 

Not everyone is made of money after all. 

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