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2017-08-02 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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So I just watched 2001 and 2010. If anyone has seen the movies then I commend you because that movie took me for a whirl. 2001 was quite the movie with the very few amounts of dialogue and the dramatic scenes where I thought I was on LSD but it also had all the parts with the music and it being very...difficult to follow. There were moments where I thought that I was lost on the plot and then it would bring me right back and correct that thought. If you havent seen the movies then you should because it really makes you realize how ****ed up people were back in the 60's-70's. I swear there is ten minutes where someone in the film industry was tripping so hard that they had to put it in a movie as a trip through...well basically a black hole. It was a smart move but man did it make my eyes hurt and question humans for a bit. Dont get me wrong the films are great and for the quality they were in, they were fantastic, its just that little bit of time where you feel like you have to make sure you didnt actually take anything. 

So if anyone has seen the movies then you will know what im talking about but if not then there is a spoiler right here that I am going to put out and for others to think about. I know what it means now but when I watched 2001 I had so many questions. In 2010 it was answered and verified by my dad who explained it in more detail. At the end of 2001 there is a giant baby that looks like its coming towards Earth and will basically crash into it and kill off the human species. Yes, that was my train of thought when I saw that but it was just so damn weird and all the time skipping made it quesitonable but, in a good way. Very few movies make me think and question life and the possibilities that the universe holds for us, this one made me think about it. 

In this movie it is represented on how the "future" was supposed to be. Its very advanced and I had some of it explained to me since I was born in the 1990's and dont remember some of the history that was taking place back in the 60's - 70's. So for me it was a lesson and also a very interesting turn of what we thought the future was like and what was possible. Of course its very different from the movie in today's time but it is still an interesting thought to have. In 2010 it is explained that the giant baby that was at the end of 2001 was basically a rebirth. See they based this monolith that was found on the moon and when it was found, then human kind had enough technology to move onward. Basically some alien species planted the monolith on the moon for us to find for when we had the right technology. Once we found the monolith then a signal was sent out from the monolith on the moon to a second monolith that was in Jupiter's orbit. All the crew except for one die and the astronaut ventures out into this black hole and ends up in this space that we dont know about. In the end we see him die and become a giant baby that is heading towards Earth. That is the end of 2001.

2010 on the other hand is almost the same except there is a crew from America that ends up working with a crew from Russia that is sent out to find out what happened to the spacecraft that went to Jupiter in 2001. So of course they go and they experience a lot of challenges but at the end the crew gets a message from the guy who went into the monolith and was presumed dead when they lost connection with him. Basically he tells them to get the hell out of there in two days because something magnificent was going to happen. They go through all this arguing and craziness and end up doing exactly that. They get the hell out. Well in the process of all that they witness that Jupiter gets sucked into another dimension and there is a rebirth. Jupiter is replaced with a second sun and because of that, Jupiter's moons become planets and Earth now knows about two suns. 

There is a lot about the movie im leaving out but that is a basic on the movies. For me there was a lot of questioning since it seemed to not be pieced together in a way that made sense to me. I lost track at some parts and others seemed to be questionable but for the most part the physics were ok and possible and I enjoyed the idea of an alien species started human kind and for continuing to be a mystery. We never really discover what this black object that sucks up Jupiter is but we know that is dangerous and hey who knows, maybe someday something like that will happen, maybe we all will die, maybe we will have a second sun, maybe computers will take over the Earth, I have no idea. 

In seriousness though, if you havent seen those movies, go watch them and tell me our thoughts. Its such a strange little series and yet I find it intriguing. It makes me question what is possible and I learned a little bit about history and technology and what we thought about it all those years ago. Mine is the future different from what we imagined. 


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