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2017-08-08 07:30 by Sarah Denninger
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I don’t want to have kids. I just can think of so many ways that can go wrong for me. Right now at twenty I feel like I’m just beginning the baby steps into a life that I desire and having a child would make it hard to accomplish this goal. I want to live my life and do what I want to do while I’m young. I wanna learn, I want to move around, I want to see what is around me with my own eyes. Hearing about it from someone else, seeing locations on TV or in a movie, it’s not enough. I think about this world and the beauty it holds in other cities and countries and I just fall into this daze about the universe and all the questions I have. 

Now that doesn’t mean I don’t live through other people’s kids. I enjoy a good time with well-behaved kids and I recently have had a good connection made with my neighbor’s kids. They are adorable and sometimes I struggle with understanding them but, I still think they are wonderful and life changing to be around. Kids teach us so much about the world and how they see it. Sometimes I get some great jokes and other times I get mumbles but either way I enjoy them and think they are great to spend an afternoon with. 

Kids just aren’t for me though. I don’t see a future right now where I would be able to function with my own child. I just have so many other things on my mind and in the future. Plus I just don’t like the idea of being pregnant, I’m good. I don’t want to get big, have a bad back, waddle, or anything else that comes with that. I love that we can make miracles happen and create life but, it is not for me. I will skip on that train. 

It just isn’t for everybody. 


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