Diet Breaking/Lesson Learned
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2017-08-10 07:30 by Sarah Denninger
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Diet Breaking/Lesson Learned

I think everyone has their day when they cheat. For me that day was the other day and I honestly can say that, very strangely, I am glad that I took that cheat day. See I was craving a cookie so I ordered a cookie sheet from papa johns. I was watching a movie and had eaten about half of the pie when I finally was fulfilled on this sudden desire. I laid down and watched some movies and had some root beer. In just a few hours after eating all that sugar I slowly got a headache. From there it grew into a migraine. 

I think it was because of all the sugar that suddenly came into my system or maybe it was dumb luck on timing with my brain wanting to explode, in all honesty we may never know. Yet I feel like the sweets need to definitely stay out of the diet for a while. I already get enough migraines and I really don’t enjoy them. Eating all that sugar brought that back to me and I hadn’t had one in the two weeks I had given it up. IN fact I felt amazing after giving up the sugar. Sure I was eating more whole foods but there is nothing wrong with doing that. If anything it made me lose weight and drink more water. 

If you are thinking about cutting sugar out of your diet I suggest to go slow. DO baby steps before you completely cut it out for longer periods of time. Eventually that craving will come to you and as amazing as it feels to eat right as you get it and not stop, the effects hit you right away. For me it came in a terrible pain that I absolutely don’t wish on anybody. Sure its a hard thing to do but, it is manageable.



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