That Shift
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2017-08-11 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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That Shift

Have you ever had that shift? That one where the people are amazing and all so unique? Well I had one of those shifts yesterday. It was unexpected and I didn’t know that we all got along well together. You work with different people almost every time you work so you won’t know till that moment comes. Most long shifts can be stressful or full of awkward moments. Usually be the end your worn out, tired and want to go home but, it never feels like you will go home because the time goes by so slow. Luckily it wasn’t one of those shifts. 

For me it started out in a good manner with me talking with a manager and having some coffee and then going inside to talk with the rest of the staff that was there that day. We had fun, chatted about insurance and all of the things we pay for as well as world war three possibly happening. Real moments where life was a subject. Not high schooler drama where you hear about who did this or that. Sure those conversations are just as important but, adulating conversations with people who are also giving you life advice are way more interesting in my opinion. 

From there it shifted and we got adults closing together. Mostly people who are laid back and just wanna have a good time. Were all there to have fun but also get closed and go home as early as possible. Yesterday it was a dream come true. From joking about the simplest of things to talking about people getting married and having babies, we hit it all. You learn a lot about the people you work with if you just listen to them. For me it was an eye opener on all these individuals and I got to be a part of the conversation instead of just listening to it. Being on the same page with those around you is so nice and it really makes the time go by quicker. In my opinion we all left the store with smiles and laughter. 

I’m glad that I got to have that experience with them. 



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