Life is about to get fun
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2020-02-28 12:03 by Sarah Denninger
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Life is about to get fun

I leave for Colombia in seven days. That is one week until I get on a plane and go to another country that I have never been to. This time it is a little different because I will be going with two other women and, to be honest, it's exciting to get to travel with two strong independent females that do the same thing that I do on a regular basis. Of course, there will be plenty of video and photography. All of the people going on this trip are people who do film and photography as a side business or as a regular business. But before I leave I plan to do several more videos on Iceland so that you guys can get all the information you need and this way I can focus on Colombia when I come back to the states and tell you what you need to know for that country as well. 

So please check out my first video about Iceland. I will be doing the next few either tomorrow night or Sunday. I'm excited to see what happens and to be able to share more information with you all. 

To help support me please go through my art pieces and purchase on today. I will be shipping out all the pieces purchased on Monday. Click here to check my gallery and down below is three pieces that I am hoping to say goodbye to ASAP. 

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