Four animals in one apartment
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2020-02-01 13:38 by Sarah Denninger
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Four animals in one apartment

Right now I am pet sitting four animals. Normally I pet sit one or two but for this particular case, there are four animals in this tiny apartment. There is a dog named Mila who I am mainly taking care of. She is about 5 months old and she is still learning the basics of training. She has this thing about letting her off the leash. Once you do she thinks that you will play a game of chase and take off. So off-leash walking is out of the question. Even in the doggy park, she is hard to track down. She won't let you get near her and will think that you are literally chasing her for fun when really you are just trying to get her inside. Super sweet but man is she difficult. 


Besides Mila, there are two cats in the apartment. They came from the same litter and they are sisters. Katie and Pumpkin. When I look at them they remind me of Spice because of their colors. Pumpkin is more orange and Katie is more of a light grey color. Pumpkin loves people and will just come up to you and love you. Katie, on the other hand, does not like people and just wants to sit there and stare at you while she growls away at how close you are to her. She is friendly but you need to keep your distance. 


Last but not least is a rabbit. Yes, a Rabbit. I don't remember the name but I can say that this rabbit is a little nicer then mine was. Very calm and is ok with being in the cage most of the time. I let him out to let him roam and to get some space and it also allows me to clean out the cage which is pretty minimal. She uses puppy pads which are extremely useful. I just pick them up, toss them and put new ones down. Then I vacuum and everything is all set. 

I'm sure I will get pictures of Pumpkin and the Rabbit before I leave, they both are just difficult to get photos of because they are shy of the camera but once I have them I will share them with you guys. This place is crazy but its a nice change of pace. 


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