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2017-08-12 07:05 by Sarah Denninger
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I don’t really watch cable anymore. I think it grew to be a nuisance for me more than anything. For me it became more real when Netflix started. Everybody thought it would die out in a few years and vanish. That we would be sitting around watching holograms and Netflix would be an "old" invention. When it first came out it had decent movies on it. Now it has movies that I didn’t know existed and movies that just aren’t that interesting to me. They really lowered the quality so of course that meant Hulu was my backup. They had some TV shows that were decent and you could pass the time by watching them. There are even a few selections that Netflix doesn’t have yet. 

It really became one of those things where having a tv meant that I was on some kind of console watching a DVD or something streaming not watching some cable show. One way or the other I was as far away from cable as it could get. Paying for cable isn’t even worth the time when you can type almost anything into the internet and find it for free. Life and what technology has provided and it still is growing more and more every day. 

I don’t know who watching Cable anymore but I do know that we are all grateful for Television and for the invention of cable. Without it we wouldn’t have expanded as far as we have when it comes to spreading news around. By moving to having computers and making the internet accessible on any device is a magical thing. Sure cable is nice to have and everything but honestly, it's so expensive and such a hassle to deal with. Its more money we spend on watching commercials and ads that we don’t even think are real ninety percent of the time. Money is just disintegrating with cable itself. 

Do you still have cable? 



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