When you go South, what do you do?
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2018-03-09 08:00 by Sarah Denninger
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When you go South, what do you do?

Im not usually one to drink a lot. Maybe one glass here or there but I don’t really get drunk. It happens when there is a special occasion or when I feel like it is worth the time to actually drink and risk the hangover. Now one of those instances has come my way and of course it has to do with a friend moving further South. Because of this turn of events we have been hanging out quite a bit. With my Dad away on vacation it makes everything more fun. We can make as much noise as we want, take our time doing things, drink and chat without someone walking in on us or making the conversation stop. Don’t get me wrong I love my dad but it’s also nice to have some time alone in the comfort of your own home and this way you know that you are safe. 

So over the past four days we have been hanging out and drinking. In the beginning it was a few drinks along with playing this video game called "Until Dawn" and basically you get to choose all these characters different fates. It took us two days to finish the game together and once it was over we decided to go ahead and drink more and get in the hot tub. While we waited I made up some cocktails. We sat and talked for a bit and after a little while of chatting we got out the rum and started taking shots. 

Now my friend who I shall give the nickname "Puppy" from our high school days, has a VERY high metabolism so we got out the breathalyzer and started taking turns to see what the numbers said. You guys I’m 5'4 and weigh anywhere from 125 on a good day to 130 on a bad day. I know my limits but my tolerance has gone up quite a bit. I blew a 0.07. He on the other hand was blowing alcohol poisoning level. Luckily he was also drinking water but I swear the guy was scary as ****. He does NOT seem drunk when he gets wasted and there are only very few details that give away he is. If I remember right he was blowing a 0.29 and that is highly insane. 

We had fun and we went through quite a bit of vodka and almost finished the Malibu rum last night and we will hangout probably one more time before he leaves but damn. Some you people out there that can blow a number like that and still be standing....I give you props because that was the first time I had ever seen that happen and it was crazy. 

So please drink responsibly and yea if you are blowing numbers like that then just hand over your keys. You definitely are not going anywhere until you are sober. 


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