Pinball Madness
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2018-03-13 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Pinball Madness

Within the next few days I will back in the chair getting my next tattoo done. I am so excited to have this on my body and to be able to not only show off a part of my childhood but also have a representation of who I am. Pinball has always been a part of my family and I love everything about the pinball community. Not only are the games fantastic but the art is something that always make appreciate how beautiful pinball can also be. Thrilling, exciting, maddening, action packed and maybe some curing all comes with playing the games themselves and of course with this tattoo that will also be represented. If you know pinball you will definitely recognize the games I’m getting on my body. 

Basically I grew up with four pinball machines and the names of them are Star Wars Episode 1, No Fear, Safe Cracker, and of course Revenge from Mars. Basically my entire childhood was based around those games and I played for days on end to try and beat the high scores. It wasn’t till I was in middle school that I actually had made it into the top three on our games. It was a lot of practice but it was so worth it. Now in adulthood I am the Grand Champion on a few of them in our collection. 

Really it’s a family tradition and I play to follow up on that. So of course the love of being given something unique and fun that not many people have experienced into my adult life is quite amazing and if I have children then I will definitely pass it on and make sure that it lives through this family. Some things just have to be passed onward. Two more days and I will have my half sleeves. 

I can’t wait! 


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