One day at a time with new habits
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2018-03-15 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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One day at a time with new habits

I am so sore. My body is like a rock and I feel like everything from my waist down is going to fall off anytime. I had leg day and arm day and both did a pretty good amount to my body. BY the time you read this I will be resting and probably not moving until I absolutely have too. I knew that changing my workout routine was going to rough on me but this is something else that I am experiencing. Right now I am getting ready for when the kickboxing place opens. Right now they are under construction and I have been so anxious to start this new workout that I just decided to get moving on my own. I am struggling with myself and my self-love lately so I feel like I need this to boost myself and give myself something to keep me going. 

So far I have leg day, arm day, yoga, and 1 rest day during the week. Throughout the week I mix it up to my schedule and I act accordingly. I’m now having small amount of breakfast to see how it changes things and if it will change my metabolism. I am trying to figure this out since so that when I start traveling I don’t get too crazy with it or lose too much control. I need to know how much I eat and when. I need better habits to make a better life style. 

Right now I can say that I am hurting really bad but I know that because of that it is working. Something I am doing is starting the change and that’s all I can ask for. Right now we start with one day at a time and gradually keep adding it on and on on on. I really think that this will work and I am glad that I suddenly decided to try this out and give it a real try. 

Let’s see what happens. 


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