New experience at the tat shop
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2018-03-16 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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New experience at the tat shop

Yesterday was an interesting experience. Once we had sat down, talked about what we were doing, and set up we got straight into the tattoo. From the get go the plans had changed to doing the first part of the tattoo. from there we would set up a new date (where we had the whole day) to just sit and go hardcore with the rest of the half sleeve. I agreed. We decided to do skull from "No Fear" to see how much space he took and then decide on which parts of the other games we wanted to focus on. Today though it was just skull. Of course while I was there I happened to run into someone who was walking off the pain and getting ready for the next portion of his tat. He was nice and we chatted a little. Really I was there to get this tattoo and nothing more. 

He on the other hand seemed to have a different thought. Once my tattoo artist and I got going we started chatting a little. This was the first tattoo that I could actually watch what was happening and see what getting "needled" really looked like. Let me say that it was kind of awesome. I got to see my artist, Mafi, at work and really get to understanding the layering process of tattoos in general. I really enjoyed the experience. Of course getting to know my artist better is always worth the time. Turns out there was a lot I didn’t know about him. 

Somewhere towards the end of my session the guy I ran into before came to the door and started chatting it up with me. Asking my name, what I was getting, why I was getting that specific tattoo, and so on. I couldn’t help myself but I ended up smiling and giving little laughs. I have never been hit on in a tattoo shop but for me it was slightly amusing. The guy seemed nice but he obviously was having his first real experience getting a tattoo. I mean its cool that you want to chat and all but I am just not interested at this time. He seemed nice but just the way I felt talking to him set it off. 


I guess there is a first for everything and I am grateful that I have started this half sleeve. You guys it looks so awesome and we have another appointment set up to get it finished. The first week of April! I am so pumped.!


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