Riding the Happy Train
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2019-09-13 13:03 by Sarah Denninger
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Riding the Happy Train

Traveling has always had a soft spot in my life. If I can get away for a while and go places then I was as happy as can be. As a kid, we would do trips twice a year. Usually Disney world and some cruise to the Bahamas or Costa Rica. Of course, back in the day prices were different and it wasn't crazy to do either of those things. Now that we are in a time where everything is ridiculously priced it gets difficult to do certain trips. Yet I try to do them anyway. 

Its almost been five years since I started traveling and those five years have been amazing. I've seen colorado, New Zealand, Wisconsin, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Ontario, and so many more destinations. All of them have been great and each one has opened my eyes to new sights and beautiful places that you only see in movies. In nine days I will be twenty-three and in fifteen days I will be boarding a flight to Iceland. Another amazing country that is on my list. I'm not sure what I want to do next year but I am already excited about the journey that is ahead of me. 

I really do believe that life is best lived doing what you love and for me that has always been traveling the world, making friends, and just getting out there. I love being active and I love being able to take photos and make memories. Life is so awesome when you get to do what you love nad you get to experience the world. Around this time last year it was pretty rough but this year it has been pretty calm. Right now I am just riding the happy train and seeing where it takes me. 

Next stop will be my birthday party. 

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