Dont buy this drone
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2019-09-14 09:50 by Sarah Denninger
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Dont buy this drone

A few days ago I bought a drone and I got to play with it for a few days. I learned something that I didn't expect. The picture quality on the holy stone HS120D is garbage. Almost quite literally. It is a $175 drone on a normal day but when I purchased it the price was $125. Usually, Holystone has a good rep. It is one of those companies that makes some of the best drones for the price they sell at so I figured that it would be a good match. What I didn't know was that this particular model has some issues. First, it freezes the app after you finish taking a video or photo. Quite literally. When that happens I found that I had to reset the entire thing to get it to function again. 

Second, it makes my phone lava hot. Almost quite literally. Not only is that ridiculous but its kinda scary because it could fry the phone. Third, the quality of photos and video it takes is just ****. I don't get how something that expensive could take terrible photo and video but it does. When I figured this out (It was after some major testing in the air and crashing it a few times) I immediately decided to return it. I wasn't going to have something that expensive turn out to be junk. 

So I packed everything up, printed out my slip and wrote a complaint to the people who sold them. They tried to see if I would reconsider but I told them straight up that their drone was ****. Almost quite literally. They were pretty upset but they understood why I sent it back. Money is pretty valuable and when you spend it on big purchases you don't want to be disappointed. This one was in fact disappointing. 

If you are looking to purchase a drone, don't buy the Holy Stone HS120D. It is **** and you will be disappointed. 

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