Bonnie the Weimaraner
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2019-07-27 11:03 by Sarah Denninger
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Bonnie the Weimaraner

This weekend I am dog sitting on of our members beautiful and wonderful weimaraner. Her name is Bonnie and I swear she is the sweetest, and most loving dog ever. Not only is obedient but she is also a great snuggler when you finally go to bed for the night. Yesterday she was dropped off with me and I instantly could tell that we would get along just fine. Of course with the cats she has to be under supervision because both Midnight and Spice are NOT fans of Bonnie. They follow her around and stare at her when she’s walking around the house and they will hiss and growl to occasionally let Bonnie know that they are the bosses around here. Of course I am with Bonnie 24/7 so I can stop it right away if something happens. So far though, we are in the clear. 

Personally I think that it's good for both of them. Mainly because Spice thinks that dogs are terrible after my brothers German shepherd came rushing into the house and almost ate her. Midnight just does not give a **** so this is a good lesson for us on how the cats would behave if I got a dog in general. Of course it would be different if I ended up getting a dog because I would start with a Puppy and raise them with Spice so then the tension isn’t as high. Here it is quite the experience. Of course I am doing my best to keep the war at a minimum but you never know what can happen. 

I am super stoked about having Bonnie here and I honestly am happy that I got asked to watch her. This is a great lesson for me and this is a small insight to what having a dog is like. I am in love and I hope that someday I have a dog this obedient, loving and understanding. My friends most definitely raised this one in a way that I admire. So here is some really awesome pictures of Bonnie living her best life with me this weekend. 




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