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For the first time in a long time I had a girls night last night. And by having a girls night I can say that not only did I have a lot of fun and destress but I also may have had way to much to drink. Like way more then I was expecting and I quite honestly am not sure how I woke up without being completely and totally hungover but I did. Of course I feel kind of slow and a little sluggish but it will pass with water, coffee and some food in my belly. 

It's one of those things that I didn't really plan for an especially not before I have to go do the only shift I have for the rest of month. I was invited to go climbing and it turned into a eating and drinking fest with some awesome and empowering females. 

Not only are they people that I climb with but one them I'm also gonna work with so it was one of those moments were it felt really awesome to be introduced and included in something that normally doesn't happen. Sometimes we need time to be away from everybody you already know, open your horizons and just have a glass of wine. I know for everybody there it was an enjoyable experience and everybody had a great time. 

I hope that it happens more often and that I continue to make friends with these amazing and empowering females..

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These past few weeks have been a roller coaster. Truth be told my par time job hasn’t been giving me work because were not only slow but they also are closing the store for three days to give it some TLC (Tender loving care, in case you don’t know what that means). Because of all this my sleeping schedule has been slowly getting worse and worse along with my allergies. For some reason I can't stop sneezing and no matter what I do I haven’t been able to get a break from the constant grossness of it all. When I go to bed it seems to act up and it prevents me from sleeping at night. 

Last night alone I was sneezing and sniffling for four hours straight and I could not get a break no matter how I tilted my head of how many times I blew my nose. It just kept coming back in full force and never letting up on me. It was the most frustrated I have been in a while. 

To top things off I have been getting more headaches as well. Luckily they have not been migraines but just regular headaches at random times. I think it’s because of all the sniffling  and sneezing that has been going on. So you best believe that I have been doing my best to minimize them and to try and make sure that I can function as a normal person. I’m hoping that within the next few days that I can get my sleeping schedule back under control. I just have to keep trying and going to bed earlier then I have been and eventually my body will respond. Not working has been a struggle but I know that when I get back from New York I will be working more than usual. 

 So I am being hopeful that my schedule will get back on track and that the sniffling and sneezing will stop. I dont know anybody else really that has issues with me sneeezing like I do so if this sounds like an issue you face please let me know what you do to minimize the sniffling problem. I would appreciate any advice. 



Were playing around with the camera more and testing out what I can do while the cats play so here is a fun little image of Spice as she is playing with a lazer pointer. 

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2019-01-15 13:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Recently I have been put in a tough position at my part time job. We are so slow that i'm not working very much this month. Overall I have around five shifts, if that. To be honest it is quite annoying and I am a little frustrated but I also anticipated this so I made sure to add it into my budget. With that being said I decided to look for a second job. Its the second time in my life that I have had to get a second job let alone work as much as I plan to. Right now, with everything going on I just don't have the money to be able to afford everything that my bf and I are planning. 

I do hope that things go well and that I can work both jobs. I know that for six months I am going to be utterly exhausted but I also just have to look towards the future. At the end of the month were going to New York and when we get back I have around three months before I go on my next trip. 2019 is going to be a busy but a very amazing year and I want to make sure I can do everything in my power to make these trips happen. 

For right now though I do ask that you guys help out and check out my artwork. Every purchase helps me out and will go towards my savings and help fund all the adventures we have planned. With that comes videos and photos that you get to see first hand


Email me at to get this piece delivered to you as quickly as possible!

While you are checking out my artwork I give you this cute picture of Spice with a fuzzy blanket. I am doing my best to take pictures every day so that you guys get something different in my posts. I hope you enjoy and this puts a smile on your face. 


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My part time job has been so slow that it feels like I don't have a job. It feels like i'm in a weird place where I never go to work and all I do is exercise, write, and chat with D. Of course I do more then that but those are the basic things I do right now. Its been a time to reset myself but I also have been really worried about everything since I am not always at work. That's the thing about working a seasonal part time job. There are times when you don't work for a long period of time. When you will struggle for a little bit. It's honestly very frustrating and so I am taking the time to change how I look at things and I am coming up with a game plan for this year. I want to do more YouTube videos so I am recording, editing, and making changes to the channel.

Along with the YouTube channel changes I am making changes on my artwork. Instead of rushing through them or getting frustrated with the pieces I want to make I am taking my time to try and figure out how to make them better. How to make them stand out more then ever before. There is a butterfly piece that I have been trying to finish for some time and I am only just now starting to get back into doing the touches on it. I have been frustrated in with myself because I want to make better pieces for you guys but I just haven't been able to do that these past few months. Over time you might see one or two pieces drop in price because I want to have a higher chance of them selling. 

Of course I am also taking more photos of Spice and Midnight. I'm trying to do daily if I can. Just so I can hone in on my skills and make sure that I am providing the best that I can with my talents. With all of that being said I do wish you guys have a wonderful day and here is a picture of Midnight sunbathing. 



While you are here make sure to check out all the art pieces that I have for sale by clicking here. There are plenty to choose from and they all are hand made by yours truly. 

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Within the next few days we will be making changes to my blog. We will be changing the following 

  • How to purchase pieces 
  • The picture at the top 

For now those are the two things that I have decided on indefinitely. I'm not sure when the changes will be worked on but I know that they will be done before I go to New York. We are changing the way we purchase pieces for the convince of not only me but also you. It will be more effective and will help out in the future when I am traveling more full time..

I do hope you guys will bear with us as we take on these changes as the site might have some ups and downs while we working on it but it does need to be done .


Thank you guys so much and as always I appreciate you 

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