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2019-09-12 15:29 by Sarah Denninger
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I got two new things in my possession. One is a drone. The other is a new canon camera. Honestly, it's like heaven right now. It feels pretty awesome to finally have the two things that I need and want at the same time. The drone for Iceland and the new camera to update my pictures and finally get those shots to look even more high quality than ever. Of course, that also means figuring out my camera situation and regrouping things so that it's not a mess. Yet that is a small thing compared to other things I will need to worry about. For right now I need to work on my drone flying skills and learning to dial in this new camera. 

Honestly, I feel super pumped about this and I cant wait to see what else is in store. My birthday is in ten days so I am feeling good about it. There is so much good happening around me and even though the camper van stuff is at a standstill right now everything else is making it turn around. Right after my birthday, I leave for Iceland and I am pretty stoked to get away for two weeks. Of course, I don't know what to expect but I think it will be a good way for me to restart myself. 

While you guys are waiting to hear more and read stories about Iceland I do ask that you all check out my gallery and purchase a piece as a way of celebrating my birthday. Getting rid of pieces will make me extremely happy and right now I have exactly twenty that are looking for homes and most of them are down on the prices and ready to be ordered. 

I hope to hear from you all soon. 


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 There is always something that goes wrong. On Monday we went to look at a possible camper van. It was about twenty minutes away from our home so in terms of transportation it wasn't far at all. Once we were there we got to work. Immediately I could tell that the outside was in pretty decent shape. No real dents and the ladder leading to the top was still in place. The only things that might need some work were the paint and the windows. After all, the thing was built in 1989 so I expect some maintenance to be done. 

They opened the door so that I could take a look on the inside and popped open the hood so dad could take a look at the engine. On the inside, I was pretty impressed. It had a shower, toilet, fridge, double stove top, mattress, working AC and lots of room for storage options. I knew looking around that I would 1) have to tear out the carpet and 2) It needed and inside paint job. Of course, that's some minor details that I am ok within the long run. 

The engine looked pretty ok but there was a light on saying that something was wrong with it. The issue was, we didn't have the right adaptor to check and see what it was. The spark plugs looked like they had never been changed and we were unsure of how bad the brakes on this vehicle were. Unfortunately with the way that its set up it was impossible to crawl underneath the vehicle to get a good look at the full structure, springs, and so on. Overall though it looked to be in decent shape and that in itself was super reassuring. So we decided to set up to look at it a second time but with more supplies to make sure everything checks out. 

Once we got home my dad asked if I had asked the owners about the title. Realizing I had not I went ahead and sent a message. The answer was the bummer. It was not a Florida Title. It was a Tennessee Title...and the guy is moving next Monday. Oh great. We're still going to look at it again on Thursday and I have no idea what will happen but I am hoping that things are not as bad as they seem. We will have to go through great lengths to get this taken care of if the second look turns out to have really good results. 

Fingers crossed people. 

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I just ordered a drone. Like a real one and to be honest, I'm nervous about it. I purchased one mainly because I wanted to have ariel views for when I am over in Iceland but also because I think that having one would be quite fun in the photography aspect of things. Personally I think this will be fun and I am hopeful for good results with something like this. In a few days, it should be here so that I can test it out and see what I think. Fingers crossed for a good experience with it and no hiccups. I am still super pumped about the experience and I can't wait to see what is in store. 

In other news, I am looking at a camper van today and to be honest I am trying super hard to not get to into my head. I don't want to be too hopeful for the sake of the fact that it could be a total piece of garbage. From the pictures, it looks great but I have experienced that kind of hope before and it ended up in the toilet so I am trying to stay level headed about it. Of course, we won't really know until we look and I will let you guys know what we find and if it is the one. So I hope for good vibes. 

While you guys are waiting for the news please check out the art pieces that I have for sale by clicking here. It would mean the world to me if I sold a few pieces and helped to empty the house a bit. Thank you all so much for the continued support and I will let you all know what we find out. 

Until next time.

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2019-09-06 13:40 by Sarah Denninger
in Life Stories , 17 references

The past few days I have been wondering about myself and where I am going to go. I can feel the pull of the adventure and I know that in almost three weeks I will be feeding that desire to get out by visiting Iceland. Really I am excited to see what is in store for me there. Right now though I feel pretty stuck. I'm not sure if it's just because I got back from vacation or if it's just me in general but I am feeling this weird sensation that I can't describe. I've been thinking of all the places I want to visit, all the places I want to climb, and all the people I will meet. I've been thinking about me waking up and looking out my window to see new landscapes almost every day. To witness this world with my own eyes. 

Personally I am excited about it and it makes me giddy to know that sometime in the future I will be out there on the road, living my best life. Of course, I know it will have its challenges and that it will be weird for the first few months. Being alone, with my cat in this campervan. I'm sure that I won't really settle until I am almost three of four months in. To see my progress and to share my story I plan to do a series called "Welcome to Campervan Life" and every two weeks I will post a video and update you all on what I did, what its like, my thoughts and so on. I think it would be fun and I personally have always wanted to do that. 

But of course, I have to get the campervan first. I'm thinking about doing a video series about me fixing it up and showing you all that the progress was like. I don't know what it will be called but I think it would be fun to look back on someday. 

There are so many ideas in my head and there is so much that I want to do. I'm excited about this future. 

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My Trip to Iceland is almost in exactly three weeks. It's crazy to think that I soon will be on a plane going to one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen. Of course, New Zealand is always going to be on top but I am so excited to visit another amazing place. It has been on my list for quite some time and I am so pumped to go. Of course, I also am a little nervous about the endeavor. Mostly because I have no idea what it will be like when I get there and even though I know it will be the adventure of a lifetime I am still quite on edge about it. 


I'm sure that when I get on the plane it will be different. I will fall into my usual composure and It will go smoothly. I am hopeful and I am so ready to have some time away from all the noise. Every time I go somewhere by myself I love the adventure. I love the fresh air. I love the ability to turn off. My life has been so crazy this year and even though I was just on a solo trip I am craving that extra time away. I want to be able to let things go and just focus on me for a bit. I want to treat myself and give myself everything I can. I want to give myself love in the best of ways. 


I want to give myself love by enjoying this adventure to the fullest. Our lives are so short and anything could happen at any time so for me to do this now is the best thing that I can do. I am sad that nobody could come with me but I also know that people not going on vacations with me is normal. Almost five years of traveling and that hasn't changed at all. Time is so short and life is so short. Put the two together and you are left in this place of wonder, hopes, and dreams that just fly by without you even blinking. 


If you wish to support my endeavors and to follow along on my trip to Iceland please subscribe to my youtube channel and please sign up on my blog to get the latest blog posts and see pictures right away. I will be sharing everything I can with you guys and I am so stoked about it. 


Cheers to another amazing Birthday. 23 here I come


(The pictures in this post are places I have been to in the past five years)

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