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I finally made it Tulsa Oklahoma. Right now I am sitting with my childhood friend catching up on all the **** we went through in our lives. Quite literally. We both are so similar and we both have been through so much that our stories could almost be identical. Its nuts what can happen and how similar people can be to one another. of course for us both this is a emotional roller coaster. We both were attached to the hip and we both wanted to live the same life and sadly I am the only one that is living the life we both dreamed of. 

I'm so happy to be sitting next to her. To know that she is alive and well. Right now she is going through some stuff, like we all do and I am just happy to be here and to tell her that she is amazing and that she is a wonderful person inside and out. Of course she also has two kids and is trying to support the life for herself and the life of her child. She is fighting to figure herself out while also trying to teach this little human how to be the best he can be. I am so thrilled to be here and I am so happy that I get to be apart of her life again. 

Today we are going out to explore and we are going to talk and catch up and live the best life that sisters can. We are going to fill our phones with pictures and use my camera to be the goofy friends that we are. We are going to pick up where we left off and just enjoy life because you know, that's what friends do. You catch up, you talk ****, you have a drink or two and you just live. 

Life is so good that I don't want to leave it. I literally don't want this trip to end. 

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I have learned so much in the past few days it is crazy. I learned a lot about Lead Climbing and I learned a lot about my mom. Both of those things have really made my head spin around. For lead it was mostly that I have so much more that I need to learn and that I really need to work on my climbing skills. I want to get better and stronger. I want to be able to do more routes and to feel confident in not only myself but also when it comes to belaying others. When I get home I have so much work that needs to be done and I have so many techniques to perfect. For the meantime though I will take what I got. Im just happy that I knew someone who could teach me and was willing to let me borrow their gear. I definitely  cant wait for the next adventure and to try going back outdoors again. 


As for my mom I was so excited to see her and  this new place that she moved to. I had never been to Ashland Kentucky before and I was a little excited to see this new place. Not only that but to hug her, see her, and just catch up with her. I had heard that the new place she moved to wash her childhood home and that her grandmother had passed it down to her so all in all I was stoked about this adventure. 

When I got there I was surprised by the sight of things. The house had been cleaned up a lot but it needed so much more work. Carpets were torn out, the porch wasn't finished, boxes were laying around, the shower in one room didn't work, the toiled in another was down, and of course the tile in some spots was falling apart. I had been warned about the state of the place but seeing it in person was a lot to take in. Yet it had been worse a year ago so with all things considered, I was happy with the results and that it didn't smell like cat******everywhere. 

Other then that the place was beautiful. I could tell that her grandparents put a lot of love into the place and I could tell that they were going to make the home gorgeous again. They want to do so much but only can do little things here and there since they are having an estate battle right now. Of course that is another long story that I will not tell you since it is their personal matter but it still is rough and gave me flash backs to what we had to deal with when my grandmother passed away. 

So much happened and so much is happening. This week so far has been spectacular and I am so happy with how I feel. This road trip has re-lit that fire in me and I couldn't be more confident with myself and my life. I truly feel like traveling is what I am meant to do and when I get everything together I can't wait to go to full time. 

Life is so good. 

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Yesterday was my crash course on lead climbing. Lead climbing is when you lead up the route with a bunch of clips and as you go up you clip your rope into them. Really it sounds super simplistic but it is super scary to try and it's scary to fall from. I learned so much on my first day and I really think there is an art to climbing such big heights outside. Not only is it a lot to take in when you are climbing but it's a lot when you actually are trying to clip into your next bolt. 

Honestly I'm not sure how much I can do today but I am going to give it another go. Today we are going to be taking photographs while we're climbing and I think I'm more excited for that then I am for the actual climbing. Not only do I get to try it again but I get to also see how I look when I climb. Really I am excited about it and I can't wait to see how they turn out. 

So again, please pray for my safety as I go on this adventure back to the great outdoors. I am excited to see what I can do today and see what comes from me while he is going ham with the camera. It's just so cool to know people who do so many different things and to be able to bond over that. Climbing has definitely changed my life. 

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Today we are going to finally climb. Yesterday we were supposed to do a couple of hours of teaching along with climbing but unfortunately we got stuck with mostly driving instead. Not exactly my cup of tea when a four and a half hour drive turns into what feels like another six hour drive. So of course, by the time we got to our destination I was pretty tired and it was already getting a little to dark to do any kind of climbing . 

So of course we are now having some coffee, getting ready for the day and trying to wake up. I feel pretty tired and a little cranky so getting me on the wall to climb will be quite the task in its own way. I honestly don't know how it's going to go with it not only being a little warm but with me also not really knowing what I am doing. I'm pretty sure that my anxiety might get to me before the climb does. 

But I'm down to see what I can do, give it a shot and see if I like it or not. Hopefully I don't die or break anything or hurt my partner in the process. I might need some prayers for the day considering how I think this might go. I'm hopeful but anxious. 

I also hope I dont get hurt since I drive a stick shift and hurting my ankle or foot would be a very bad thing to do. Very bad. So yes I might need a few prayers for today. 

Here we gooooooo. 

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Somehow I made it to my first destination in one piece. Yesterday was one of those days where I have no idea how I got through the day. At all. First there was Fiesta Friday which meant margaritas over at pepitos. When the waiter came over to take my order I panicked and ordered a large. Once that was done I went back to my "friends" place and we e des up staying up till at least midnight. From there it was a **** show. I got about 7 hours of sleep but when I woke up I felt like ****. Why? Hangover. 

The next morning I had to work from 11-3 and it was one of those work days where there was always something else. We had Kinder Klimb which meant all kids from 3-7 were there. We got them situated and for about three hours we had kids running everywhere. Somewhere around 1ish the kids left and we slowed for a bit. Then at 2 we picked up and had a birthday party. Lucky it was small so that was all ok. 

Three rolls around and I finally get off the clock which meanttttt, climbing! I'm in a league at my gym so there's some routes every week that I have to do. Sadly it was the last day to do them. So of course I spent about two hours doing that and from there it was party city. We had a third birthday party being set up while I was there but this one I was excited for. I knew the guy and I was really looking forward to partying it up with him. 

Once I got done partying and having one hell of a time I finally got on my car and drive to Tennessee which is where I currently am. It was a six and a half hour drive and I can say, without a doubt, that I was exhausted. Luckily when I arrived I was able to head to bed right away and catch some z's. Now I'm here, recharged and about to get ready to go run before we drive 4 1/2 more hours to go climb. So day 1 here we go. 

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