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I went to my very first hockey game last night. I never really go into sports because my family doesnt really have an interest in the usual get together for the big games like football, hockey, baseball and so on. We just kind of ignore it when the game is going on and go about our business. Yet this time around we were asked if we were interested and both D and I agreed to go. After all it wasn't just us going and we were down to try something new. So we all went there and immediately got in the drink line. When it was our turn to check out we learned that if you have a license that specifically says its a license for someone that's under 21 then they can't serve them alcohol. Honestly it was frustrating and it made me want to go ahead and just get the license changed. 

After the drink problem was taken care of we went to our seats and got comfortable. Our seats were up towards the top so that we could see the entire rink and understand what was going on.Soon the game was going and we were quickly swept into the game. Honestly the rules weren't explained but I think it was a good thing they weren't. It seemed pretty straight forward and while we watched D and I got into the game and were quickly cheering the team on like true Buffalo fans. 

The game was fun to watch and it honestly was an experience that I think was quite awesome to see. Now I don't think I will change my ways really and watch games more often but I do think that if I get asked to go to another hockey game that I would go. It was fun and I honestly loved the experience. Anything new I get to experience is a good thing in my book. 


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There's always something going on here at Buffalo and today will be no exception. Yes it is raining but that doesnt mean we wont find something else to do. We might go climb or do something else that's indoorsy. The past five days we have been running around doing hikes, snowboarding, running, and of course throwing axes. Its been a lot of fun and I honestly feel like we will be totally exhausted by the time we get home. I know that right now my legs are super sore so i'm not sure how much I can do realistically but I will try my best to climb with everything I have. 

While you guys are waiting to hear the verdict on how the climbing gym up here is I do ask that you guys heck out my art gallery. It has been changed to being more convenient so that you guys can just click the buy button without having to wait for emails or send checks. Everything is now done through paypal. It really is exciting.  


If you want to see the other pieces click here 

Thank you guys and stay tuned for more stories. 

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Sometimes hiking can be fun and adventurous. Other times hiking can be a very stressful time that makes it difficult to enjoy. Yesterdays hike was somewhere in the middle of it all. D and I had decided that we wanted to go out and enjoy a little excursion time. We had been Snowboarding the day before and even though we wanted to go back we had decided to mix things up and give something else a try. SO with a little bit of looking around we made a plan to go on the trail that lead to the Gorge. It was a ten mile hike and with it being colder we thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and hike the trail. Ten Miles in the 50 degree weather is ideal when it comes to the longer hikes. With that in mind we started on our path and very quickly we learned that the trails were not very well marked. We wanted to stay on trail 2 which would have taken us along the rim of the gorge so that we could see everything along our way. Then at some point the path then divides and goes back to trail 2 which is a direct line back to the parking lot.

But not even a mile in we realized that the trails were not well marked at all. They were in fact terrible and we were soon on trail 3 and 4 which was considered to be much more difficult then the other two. As we made our way down through the slush and snow we came to a spot in the trial where we started to see more ice. Quickly things started to get bad and D's sister made the decision to bail on us. We said our goodbyes and D and I started making our way down the trail ever slow slowly. The trick was to not slip while we were going down this hill and while we were making our way this guy comes through and just blasts through the trail like it was nothing. We talked to him a bit and he said that the trail was icy and that he was thinking of coming back around (probably to check in on us) in a little bit. We wished him luck and kept going. Once we got past the ice patch we kept going down towards the rapids. The path down to the rapids was mostly consisted of mud and dirt so we kept going down in that direction until we ran into a fence that said it was closed the rest of the way. Since it was only two miles into the hike we decided to turn around and make our way down the path that we saw the guy take. 


When we started down trail three it was pretty decent. The ice wasn't around for quite some time and there were parts of the trail that D kept questioning. We came across an old building that had some graffiti on it and D just stopped on the trail and stared at it while I went ahead and looked for the trail. I know New York isn't quite an amazing city and its not entirely safe but honestly D is more paranoid about things then I am. Once we got on the trail we kept going and eventually we started running into some old cars, shopping carts and an old TV. We made an assumption that there was a grocery store that might have been up on the ridge and one day it just collapsed and brought all the debri down there. 


 After some time of checking out the stuff we made our way further down the trail and quickly ran into some issues with the trail itself. Not only was it iced over but there wasn't much to hold on to that could help us make it across safely. Honestly it was a huge slip and slide and after a while I decided to put my camera away since it was getting in the way of my balance and control while I was on the trail. We did make it to the end of the trail but unfortunately it didn't end up in a place where we could head up to the parking lot. So sadly we had to turn around and head back on the icy trail that we came from. 

Half an hour later we were heading back up the trail and up towards the parking lot. The icy part of the trail was past us and we had finally gotten to a part where we could walk normally. Along the way we chatted, had some laughs and we both learned things about each other that we didn't know before. Honestly it was fun but it was also an insight to how certain boots do not do well on the ice. The whole trail was about 5.75 miles and it took us a little over four hours to finish. We were tired, sore but happy overall about doing something that we almost didn't do at all and yet because of my sense of adventure we had done it and got some awesome pictures because of it. 


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A year ago I tried Snowboarding for the first time. It was a lot of fun even though I was hurting so badly the next day. I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to do any better the next time I went. I knew that I had a hard time stopping and a hard time controlling the board so that I could go left and right. So for this time I was a little nervous about what was to come when we went together. But we decided that we would give it a go and so we got up early and made the trek out to the mountainside. 

Once we arrived at the Ski resort we made our way to the ticket area to check out the options they had for the day. When we looked at the prices we decided to stick to the bunny hill since it was only $10 for the whole day but we also didn't know how big the hill was. The lady suggested that we go check out the bunny hill and get our rentals at the same time so that we can make a decision on what we wanted to do. With that in mind we went ahead and made our way to the rentals. We got our boots and boards while putting on our snow pants. Once that was done we made the decision to just do the bunny hill for the day. 

We made our way to the ticket booth and bought the tickets, attached them to our jackets and then made our way to the hill. Since D had never done Snowboarding before and wasn't going to take the class (which he should have) I had to teach him what I knew from my class in Gatlinburg. The first and most important thing was getting him on his board. I showed him which foot he needed in front and from there I started to let him get a feel for the board. Its not exactly an easy thing to get used to and the sport is not easy to understand let alone perform without hurting yourself. 


After some time of clumsily boarding around we decided to get on the magic carpet that took us to the top of the hill where the real fun began. Once we were at the top I had to show him how to strap in all the way, how to stand up on the board and then how to safely go down. Surprisingly I was able to actually control my board my easier then the first time around. For D it was a fun ride down the hill by falling on his butt and riding the mountain down. For a few hours I had a fun time trying to get him to listen and learn how to control the board. He had (and still does) a hard time being stable on the board, not bending his knees in a way that his butt is sticking out, and also not dong a 360 maneuver at the end. 

For me it was a quick adjustment. I started playing with the board, trying to practice slowing down, going straight and moving left and right. To be honest I felt pretty confident the first few times I made it down without falling. It was really just a lot of fun to go back up the hill, try out new things and see how I do while I try out new things. 

All in all it was a good time and around 1 in the afternoon we decided to call it quits for the day. It was actually pretty warm and most of us were feeling pretty dehydrated. So we packed up and said goodbye to our little bunny hill. If we get more snow were thinking about going back and doing the other hills. Now that would be a sight to see considering that D thinks he confident enough to make it down a hill without wiping out. I honestly don't think that will happen and he's gonna learn a hard lesson about what those hills are really like but, I guess we will have to wait and see. 

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We went to Niagara Falls yesterday. I have been to see this amazing place twice now. Both times have been in the fall and both times were amazing but quite honestly this time around was amazing as well. It was my first time seeing the falls all frozen over from the ice and I can understand why people take pictures of this amazing place in temperatures that are way to cold for us humans. Of course we brae the cold and go for it anyway but still. Its pretty amazing to see in action and to be apart of. 


D and I walked around and I told him about all the places around the area that were of interest. unfortunately it was to cold for any tours to be going so we just had to walk around, take pictures, and buy souvenirs which was fun but it was also kind of crazy to do. The temperature got to around 10 while we were walking around and that was mostly because of the sun going down. For us that was enough to send our frozen selves back to the car where we then sat there waiting for our butt warmers to bring us back to life. 

I will say that seeing Niagara Falls in this way was truly amazing and I think that its something that I will never forget but I also think that it is something that you do for a few hours and then you go home. There were people that were hanging out not in the least interested in going anywhere else. People that had all their winter gear from their hats to their boots. I was surprised but didnt really stay long to really take in how crazy they were because of how cold we were. In the end we decided to go get dinner and call it a day. So if you can take on the cold go check out Niagara. You wont be disappointed. 

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