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Every year that we have been up to Mackinaw City we have always been late on getting reservations on the campground. When I say late I don't mean the usual "Your late so you cant get a reservation" deal. I mean "Your late so you wont get a lake view campground" sorta deal. This year we booked our reservations back in January so we got to make reservations to be on the lake front the entire time were there. Really its quite a nice change from the usual spots we get. Once we got our tent set up I took a moment to take it all in. The scenery is just so beautiful and I love the weather we get every time we are up here. 



Its always around 70 and every time we get sunshine with it which makes it even better. Back home right now it is raining and at least in the high 60's so I can say that we left at a good time.

After we had set up everything at our camp site we went ahead and did our walk around town. We visited the Keyhole bar where we had a drink adn then some early dinner. After that we visited my favorite weapon shop and I purchased a few fun and pointy objects for my collection of weaponry. Really I probably should stop purchasing items but at the same time why would I? The stuff is just way to cool. Once that was completed we got a few beers, some chocolates from Kilwins and then proceeded to go back to the campsite to set up a fire and have some fun. The nice thing about having a big ass fire...well its super freaking warm and makes for some great conversations. 

I love going here every year and I hope we will keep up the tradition. Does your family have any yearly traditions? 


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Today we are heading up to the Island. Last Night we stopped to see my cousin who had insisted I see her place for at least two years. I finally got to see it in person and I got to finally give her my take on it. Really I was impressed by how neat it was and it was nice to see her in a good spot. Our family is a little on the weirder side so its nice to see that things have panned out well for her so far. I don't know if she will stay here where she but for what she has going for her I think its a nice change of pace. 

With that happy time under our belt we went to the hotel and got some well needed sleep. Now we are on the road heading to the city to set up our tent and relax before we start the real fun. There's a bar we might hit later on and a very nice wine store that also sells beer. We might even start our hunt for different kinds of fudge as well as weaponry. Who knows what the afternoon holds for us. We first have to get there. 

Truth be told I always look forward to the weapon shop. Just because every year is different and every year surprises me. There is always something new and I always end up coming home with more then I could need but hey, why not right? 

While we are on our way up to this amazing spot I do ask that you guys check out the artwork I have for sale. I have plenty of pieces to choose from and I certainly would love to sell some pieces and say goodbye to them. So here is two of my older pieces of artwork. 




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Yesterday we set off on our annual trip to Mackinaw Island. The only difference is that this year we decided to go see the cover band of Genesis. Ever since I was twelve I have seen them in concert and this year was just as good as the others. The difference with this show vs the others is that they decided to go me instrumental then they did in the previous years. They also gave the costumes a rest and even though I love the costumes I think it was nice to see them in a newer and fresher way. The performance was outstanding and I loved being able to see this how one last time. Of course right now it is only a rumor that this is their last show so we will see what happens and if they will decide to do another one. 

After the concert was over we went to the hotel t retire for the night. We had been on the road all day and that combined with the concert wiped us both out. I must say that the beds were extra comfy last night and I slept like a baby. 

With a good nights rest we both went ahead and ran this morning before hitting the road again to make the rest of the drive to good ole Michigan. Really I am excited to get away from the 100 degree weather (Iv'e been saying it all week and I will continue to say it) and to be able to be in the 70's all week. Just being in Northern Georgia this morning was a nice change of pace. 70 with no humidity . I will take that all day, every day with a side of coffee.  Please and Thank you. So goodbye Florida, see you next week. 

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The trip to Iceland is getting more and more official as time goes on. I just booked the camper van and after that I will be booking reservations at the blue lagoon and for a tour of the Northern Lights which will be exciting and magical. I really cannot wait to see what this country has to offer and what comes from this trip. There are so many things I want to do and so many people I want to meet. I do hope that I Can make at least one new friend there so that if I come back I can hangout with them and see the country through their eyes. 

There are plenty of things that we are going to do while we are there and one of them is snorkeling over the tectonic plates. I think that will be an interesting sight to see and getting pictures of it will be quite the sight. Of course I don't want to think about how cold its going to be there but I am sure I will freeze my booty off. 

To help me out for this trip I do ask that you guys check out my pieces. They are all 10% off right now and each and every one is ready to go to new homes. All purchases you make go towards that fund and I couldn't be more excited to do everything and anything there is. I will also be hunting for a camper van to live in so that is even more to add onto my list. So every purchase helps. 


Click here to go check out my art gallery and make sure to go check out my YouTube channel as well. There will be a new video out for you guys tomorrow and it is going to be awesome. 

Thank you all for your support and I can't wait to see what comes out of 2019. 

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This weekend was amazing. With four hundred pinball machines to play I felt like I was in a heaven or sorts. You had old mixed with the new and it was a glorious thing to have. There were so many games that I didn't get a chance to play but at the same time I knew that even if I tried to play them all that I would fail. All these machines have a history and each one has been touched up, fixed, or replaced in some way. I honestly saw things that I never thought existed. There were machines that were based off of bowling and they were so unique that I was surprised to see them. There were also machines that we love playing and sadly we do not yet own. It was a place that I was so in love with that I never wanted to leave. 


Sadly though we had to leave on Sunday after the place closed and after our last game we took one last look around and took it all in. This magical place filled with all these pinball machines, old and new, would be closed for the rest of the year after today and with that in mind we sadly said goodbye to all four hundred machines. The weekend was filled with drinking, smoking, laughter, pinball machines, and a memory that will always be there. I had so much fun and I can't wait to go back next year. If you have never been to this place and you love pinball as much as I do then you need to go. Its worth every penny and you will enjoy being surrounded by all these wonderful machines. 

I know I had a blast and I felt right at home and if you love pinball then you will to. 


Check out my artwork that is for sale at 10% off. Yes 10% off. That doesnt happen very often so take advantage of it while you still can! So click here to go check it out. 


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