Almost below double digits
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2020-05-14 12:34 by Sarah Denninger
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Almost below double digits

This weekend we're thinking about going to Ecofina Springs. If you follow my YouTube channel you know that I posted a video from the last trip we did out there. Of course, it was a little warmer then it is now so I'm not sure how it would go this time around. Honestly, it would be fun to go back and make another video and see the difference between the two. 

If you didn't watch my video from last summer then check it out down below. 

I really appreciate you guys for being amazing and for supporting me in all o my endeavors. I have so many things planned and with COVID happening, it has been a struggle to do those things, let alone pay the bills. I hope that you guys will continue to follow my journey and support me as we all get through this difficult time.


We are also super close to getting past the double digits on the number of art pieces I Have left in my gallery and it has been such a big help to not only say goodbye to some (for downsizing purposes) but it has also helped with keeping me fed and make ends meet. 

So click here to go to my gallery to see what I have left. 

The piece down below is the OTHER sister of the piece that sold yesterday. Click the buy now button for it to become your's today. 

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