Twenty Four Hours
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2017-08-25 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Twenty Four Hours

I’ve done a lot of hours where in a twenty four hour span I manage to leave work, go home for eight hours to sleep and end up back in the building. Ever since I have started doing jobs I have been the closer and really it seemed ok. If anything I got more hours and that meant more money. More money meant more things I could do or buy. Really it was awesome to be able to do the things I want to do. The only let done from those was the times when they would want me back in the store the next morning. I really like to sleep and when I don’t get enough sleep I become a ball of uncertain events. I don’t usually warm up to customer service potential until I am completely full of coffee and have a couple of hours. Until then I can become a real evil bitch. 

With my new part time job they have given me the pleasure of opening shifts. I really wasn’t sure if they were going to let me open and I wasn’t sure how I would handle it. IT was different and seemed like a bigger responsibility. Yet I quickly become a lover to the idea of having all these opening shifts and grew to appreciate them. It really changes your day when you start somewhere and get to leave by four in the afternoon. The longer days are six p.m but that’s ok. You still have a while before you retire for the night. 

I now understand how morning people manage themselves and I have a new appreciation for it. It makes the day easier and smoother. It also gives you more time to plan things out and get things done. For more it is still new and I wouldn’t say I am a morning person. I do still love the night time and the moon and that will forever be a fact. Just for this job it is so nice to have something different and something that works more in my favor. 

Do you work night shifts or day shifts?


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OMG! Not a favorite acronym, but when you live with 4:30 ish am wake ups your whole growing up life it is hard to break...I still don't need coffee to wake up which I'm not sure just get used to it! There might be strength in Habit! Hang in there! Whatever works works!!:)
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