Are you ready?
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2017-08-27 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Are you ready?*

Were getting ready for a big trip. Its in about two weeks and I cannot be more excited. Originally I was going to go with friends but as usual they all bailed on me due to other important things. Its sad really and makes me lean more towards my original plans. Really though my Dad is the real MPV for stepping up the plate. Whenever somebody bails on a big trip I usually turn to him and invite him to come along. Almost every time he says yes and it makes me see how lucky I am. Not every parent will just go somewhere just because their child wants them to. Even though I do get impatient about what I want and lately I have been pretty irritated with being home, he still sticks with it. 

Im really excited to make this trip and the fact that I get to share it with you guys is awesome. I’m going to be sharing the stories with you guys on this blog AND I’m going to be making two YouTube videos for you guys. One is going to be all scenic and a fun put together of what we saw while we were out there on the road. The other is going to be a breakdown of what we spent while we were gone. This way you guys can get an idea of what it would cost to make a trip like were going to make. We already have a little notebook where we will write down the expenses and what they were for. I hope you guys are ready because this is going to be a huge deal for not only me for but for those who love to travel. 

I feel like I’m finally taking a step towards what I want and this trip is going to be the real beginning. I hope you guys will continue to support me and watch my stuff. The only way I can accomplish my dreams is with you guys helping me out. I will keep you all updated on where we are going, what is happening and when the YouTube videos are out. I’m ready. 

Are you Ready? 


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