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2018-03-02 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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I can say that I had a lot of fun when I was in Texas. I got to see a friend that used to live in the same town as me. We have been friends for a few years and we hung out every once in a while. Over the years we got to know each other reasonably well and I ended up enjoying our time together. There was never any pressure and we always just sat back and talked ****. It was a great way to destress and I enjoyed our time together. With him it was easy to fall into a comfortable silence and that is so hard to find in people nowadays. 

Friendship comes in all forms and I feel very fortunate that I was able to hold onto this one. Even though he lives eleven hours away I know that we are still connected and will continue to be friends. 

All in all though I can’t really give Texas a fair statement. The reason being is that I didn’t do much when I was there. I stayed at the Sam Houston National Forest and that was amazing. I feel like I got a little bit of a tan from there and I also feel like I got to see a gorgeous spot. I will definitely go back. The problem was the rest of the trip. There was one day where it cloudy and the next was raining. It was hard to go out and about and considering that it was raining everywhere else I was going the next day I had to cut the trip short. I went home pretty late in the afternoon and didn’t arrive home till 2 a.m. I didn’t get to bed till due to having to clean out my car and get ready for bed. 


I’m still going to make a video and share with you guys what I learned. I’m going to be doing a different style of video so make sure to stay tuned. 


At least I got to get away for a few days. That is always nice. 


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currently I am in Texas and let me tell you that we ran into some expected weather .Most of the drive here was pretty rough and I was pretty worried about us making it one piece. The drive started getting f pretty rough when we got passed Mississippi. From there it started raining on and off .now I love the rain. It's great weather to run in, it's nice for cooling off and it helps me sleep like a baby but the rain we ran into was rain I hate. It was on and off downpour


Now I dont mean like a downpour where you can manage and run through without much issue .I mean downpour as in full blast, can't see ten feet in front of you kind of downpour. It was insane .along with being boxed in, dealing with semis, and having a cat in the back seat who demands attention I now had to deal with this rain. I got so close to my steering wheel that my chest was touching it. I was almost completely blind and had to mostly follow the car in front of me. Total chaos. 

For a while I was sure we werw going to have to pull over and stay somewhere else .the rain was not stopping and I was trying really hard to pay attention to all the details around  me. One wrong move and I could accidentally get us both killed. 

Luckily nobody was too stupid on the road and I was able to make my way safely to the campsite (thank God) but of course most of the places is flooded so staying in a tent was out of the question. Instead I made room in the car and made sure to leave the reservation notice out front. After all it might look strange that there's a car but no tent out. 

Hopefully tomorrow will go better and I will be able to make the goals I need to make and have a fun time. I get to see a good friend of mine tomorrow and its almost been a year since I last saw him. 


So stay tuned because there is more to come!

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Next months trip is going to be quite an interesting one. Almost a year ago one of my close friends moved to Texas and ever since he left I have been trying to make a trip out there to see him and his new place. I get excited just thinking about getting to see a new place and really get back in a state that I had never really visited. I have driven through Texas before so I dearly hope that it wont be as boring as the drive. We shall see once we get to that point. After that I am driving a little North to go play with my new stargazing lense and see if I am any good with taking star photos. I am really excited to take this time to play in one of my favorite subjects. The sky. 

My Dad did take astronomy photos back in school and apparently he was pretty decent at it, of course at that time it was the old fashioned way and he had an entire building to work in. Really it is quite impressive and that just pushed me to see if I myself have any talent in taking photos in this particular subject. Who knows maybe Ill have ones that are good enough to sell to you guys. 

Really the whole month is a time full of promise when it comes to making money at my part time job and also gives opportunity to start really getting in shape since there's a yoga studio opening down the street from us and a kickboxing class opening ten miles from my job. Between travels I will be making sure to keep making that money and taking care of myself. So far 2018 is staring off just right and yea there is a long way to go but I feel good about this year so far and I am feeling more and more ready for whats to come! 

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Check out this small video from Galtinburg! There will be lots of small videos after this so stay tuned and make sure to subscribe! 



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Let me just start by saying, snowboarding is a sport that will leave you with bruises. You may not want them, you may not expect them but you will have them by the time the days done. For me I felt mostly sore but it wasn't until I got off my board the second day that I realized that my muscles were in a lot of pain. 

Yesterday I managed to get down the general movements and keep myself stable while going down the green slope. I felt really good and it was very rewarding to see my progress. Of course working hard and skiing anywhere between `2 to 5 hours when you have never done it before does come with consequences. Before we left I decided to hit the green slopes and see if I could manage the slope and could remember everything I practiced under pressure. Plus I really wanted to accomplish making it down once without falling. 

Sadly that did not happen. 

I did two runs down the green slope and both were very well managed runs so I wanted to do one more before we left and I made a decision to tackle the next one. The only issue was that my right ankle was hurting and it felt like something was rubbing it in the wrong way. Ignoring the feeling I got on the lift and the entire time I was building the courage and was feeling pretty excited. 

Once we got off the lift and I strapped in I sat and waited till I knew that the traffic was clear enough for me to hit the slope and practice. See running into people makes me nervous. I think about both ways we can get really injured and I cringe at the thought. So observing other people ride I waited patiently and when I saw an opening I stood up and took off. Immediately I made a mistake of trying to slow down and I fell very awkwardly. My knee immediately had a shock of pain and I worried for my right wrist as well. Somehow I got up and kept going. Not even ten feet and I'm down again. Now I'm angry and hurting badly. Yet again I get up and get to the bottom of the first hill and I'm down for slowing down. Right there I was sure I was gonna walk the rest of the way. With many curse words and errors to make it down so I can get the board and boots off my leg....i somehow made it without breaking anything or giving up completely. 

After we got done turning in our gear, eating dinner and I took a shower I finally felt the soreness and pain. I got in the shower and saw brushes all over my left leg. It's pretty banged up and it hurts but I can say that I'm really proud of doing something new and for being able to get down the green hill at all. 

Sometimes facing fears teaches us many lessons and this taught me quite a lot about how my posture is, how my hand eyed coordination is, how I do under pressure as well as pain, and how much I love it. You guys I love it. I snowboarder for two days and I am officially addicted to it. I need more time practicing and more confidence to board around others and I will make sure to be back to work more on it. 

It's crazy what can happen. 

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