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I finally found the car that I need to start my traveling journey. It is an Xterra 2000 and it can pull up to 3500 pounds. What is even better is that it is a stick shift car. Just driving it from Fort Walton to Niceville I can already tell that it will take some getting used to. It even sounds different which threw me off and honestly made me a little nervous at first but after a few miles, I started to understand how it runs. I usually never do purchases like this and for me, it was a little weird to have that moment where I literally hand someone cash that I worked hard to earn. It was exciting, nerve-wracking, and honestly empowering in a way.  


Now that I have the first step done in my traveling plan I feel like I can finally breathe a little and relax. I feel like I can take the rest of the time this month to actually get things done and ready before I head out to Iceland. 

Things have finally started to turn around and go in the direction I need them to. 

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One of my favorite things about traveling is being able to see everything you want to see. If you drive to your destinations then you can just pull over whenever you want and take any detour you want. If you see a cool underground lake then you can pull over and go take a quick tour. Maybe you want to see Mammoth Cave and your passing through Kentucky, well then just pull over and hit the national park. Everything is an option when you drive to your destinations and I love that ability. I love being able to do what you want, when you want and just enjoy life. 

Sometimes I think we get caught up in the normal ideas of what life should be. We get caught up on social media, bills, pets, people we need to please, work, and everyday life occurrences. We get so caught in our normal routines and worry about every little thing that we forget there is literally an entire planet that is around us just waiting to be explored. We get glued to our phones and think that seeing pictures is enough and just scroll past it after a few minutes of thinking "Someday that will be me" and then we move on and go back to normal life. 

There are so many people that I talk to on a daily basis that never really go anywhere. They sit in one spot, go about their day, complain about bills and then say how they want to go on vacation but never do. All of it is just a cycle and it is so hard to break. It's difficult for people to step out of the norm and just go somewhere. It's hard to just be different than everybody else. All you think about is the 401k and how you need to work your ass off so that one day you can go to those places. The truth of the matter is when you do retire you won't be able to do half of the stuff you wanted to do when you were younger. Of course, there are other options but being mobile, able to go long distances, and just have chances to do everything and anything without pain or hindrance is really the way to go. 

I just hope people realize that sooner rather than later. Its time to live your life and take those steps to get out. Its time to take time for yourself and live life in the best way possible before everything explodes. 

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One of the things about traveling that I love is the ability to turn off. Whenever I go somewhere I can switch everything on the off position and not worry about every little thing that comes my way. Usually, when people travel they can't help but want to know everything and anything that is going on while they are away from home. How the pets are doing, what their friends are doing at the club, how the job back home is keeping up without them, where other people are vacationing, etc. Honestly, though, I find it nice when I run into places where you have no choice. You have to turn off. Red River George and my Moms place were two of the only places on my trip where you didn't have a choice. Your phone didn't really work in most places and yet I took videos and photos while we were out and about but I didn't stay glued to my phone for hours on end wondering what else was going on back home. 

Disconnecting is honestly one of my favorite things about adventuring. You never know where those spots will show up and you never know when you will just be left to you, your mind, and what's around you. I think we forget that not that long ago the whole world used to be disconnected from one another. We used to have to actually be near others to speak to them, we used to have to stand still for photos, we used to have to write out letters and send them through mail to reach people that we love, and we used to have to engage with others by looking at the square on and not over a little device in our hands. 

Our world is so much more complicated now and we have a hard time talking to one another and disconnecting from one another. We rely so much on these little devices that we forget to disconnect and that its good to do that. For some people, it's impossible because that's all they know. For others, it's not a choice. Sometimes they have to disconnect because they can't afford to keep up. 

Just know that no matter what is happening out there, where you are or how your life is, it is always good to take a step away and disconnect. It's good to "turn off" and to just be alone with your own mind. So take that time away and just reconnect with who you are because soon, very soon you may not even know yourself anymore. 

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While I was away I got to visit my mom. It had been about two years since I last got to see her and it really was quite the treat to get to spend time with her. I missed her so much and I knew that this was probably the only chance I was going to get to see her and catch up. Unfortunately, I don't really get time to chat with her because of how busy I am in my everyday life. So getting away from the crazy back home and being in this wonderful remote place was a nice way to catch up and to really focus on one another. 

We spent an entire day together. We went out of town and she showed me a couple of places that she enjoyed. We went to a stone/jewelry shop downtown and we instantly became friends with the lady there. Her and my mom chatted for a while and every now and then I would say something in the conversation. I'm not as chatty as my mom but she did give me the ability to draw people in. I could tell, this lady wanted to talk for hours. At some point, we purchased our stuff and headed out. From there we went to a nice little dinner and sat for a few hours catching up on all the family drama we had experienced in the last year. So much had happened and I felt like I missed so much. We both had lost people in the past year and we both had gone through similar things when it came to estate battles and terrible family members. I was astonished at it all. 

From our little lunch shop, we went to this headshot called Grannys. Of course, it went from a straight head shop to a hippy/head shop and the people there knew my mom instantly. They knew her and what she liked to purchase and when I was with her they instantly wanted to know me. They even followed me on Instagram and told me to come back sometime, which I am sure I will next time I am in town. 

After all the shopping, talking and the quality time we spent we went back home and settled in. I can say without a doubt that I was satisfied. Of course, I wanted more time but, sadly I couldn't spend more time with her. I needed to hit the road the next day. 

I love my mom and I hope that sometime soon I will get to really sit down and chat. SO much happens all the time and I hate that she's so far away and that I can't see her or be near her all the time. Sadly that is how life is. 

I will be back and I will see her again. I just hope its sooner rather than later. 

Also, don't forget that my artwork is on a big sale right now and I appreciate anybody who purchases a piece from me. Click here to check them out. 

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Hey there guys. So I am on my way back to good ol Florida. It will be super freaking late and I am sure I will be complaining most of the way down. Honestly I am not sure how this will go or what the drive will be like. I kinda wish that I had a teleportation device so that I didn't have to sit in the car for another thirteen hours but you know, that's part of the adventure.  While you guys are waiting to hear more stories and see more pictures I do ask that you guys check out my artwork by clicking here

All of my artwork is around 50% off right now and I would love it if you guys would help me clear out my gallery. Thank you guys so much and I look forward to hearing from you. 

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