Dentist and History
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2017-08-31 07:00 by Sarah Denninger
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Dentist and History

Yesterday I had an interesting time at one of my least favorite places. The Dentist. Now I have talked about my feelings towards Dentists and how they make me feel. So of course I was dreading this visit as well. See every time I go to the dentist they always want to do new x-rays and ask me the same questions that I hate answering for the 5,000th time. On this particular visit though I got a little background on my history. First she asked if I knew what my mom’s teeth were like and I told her no and of course my mood turned sour. I don’t like to talk about her and I usually one do when I am asked questions. 

So she proceeds to then tell me that I need to keep an eye on my teeth because my family has a history of gum disease and even though I’m not showing signs of it yet, I could in the future. 

Thank you, Captain Obvious. 

I’ve grown up knowing that my teeth have a high chance of one day falling out of my head. I even experienced a cavity and swore that I would never go back to anything like that again. Ever since I have been pretty good with keeping my teeth clean. On certain days I sometimes brush my teeth two or three times in a single day. Especially after all the food we eat, don’t want anybody seeing food bits stuck all in my mouth. I also have my tongue pierced so Taking care of my mouth is top priority. 

I just hate it when they make it seem like it’s a bigger deal then it already is. I know my family history, my teeth are healthy, they haven’t moved much at all since I got my braces off and I feel pretty confident about them being healthy for a while yet. 

So no, I am not going to be doing your x-rays that cost me a fortune. I just don’t have the money to pay for that every year. I got other things to spend my money on. 


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