Five Months
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2023-02-16 11:46 by Sarah Denninger
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Five Months

We have about two months left before I am back in Tennessee. to be honest I'm not sure how to feel. It's a mixed bag of emotions knowing that I've made it this far and I'm still feeling good about this adventure/change. I've always wanted to do this kind of lifestyle and now that is here it's amazing to be living this dream that I've held onto for so many years. I'm sure when I get back home it will all feel like it never really happened. Settling back into a house will be weird and I'm sure there will be plenty to do over the next four or five months. Most of them are appointments that I set up before I left and I am even working on a small trip back to Florida to meet up with my tattoo artist. 

While I'm excited to make some changes to the van and to also see my kitty, Cinnamon Spice, I also know that I will miss being in the van for that time. On the other hand, I also know I would not do well over the summer. It's just way too hot for me or Lylah to try and make it through a summer in Gimli. 

This change has taught me a lot. A lot about how I want to live my life moving forward and how I want to grow as a person. I have some ideas for the future and I feel light the spark that has been flickering on and off for a few years is finally back to being hot and ready to cast light out in the world. I don't know how these next few plans will go and I have no idea if they will be a success or not but it's always worth a try. 

While you wait for these plans to be revealed I will be posting Youtube videos, blog posts, and of course art pieces. 


Speaking of art this piece is looking for a home. Click the buy now and it's yours today!


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