Goodbye old friend
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Goodbye old friend

It's been a month since we returned from our trip, and the inevitable finally happened. 

Yesterday, as I was trimming my toenails in preparation for a weekend climbing session, something unexpected happened – one of my toenails came off. Yes, it just fell off. While I was cutting it, it unexpectedly detached, barely clinging on by a tiny piece of skin. It was both unsettling and surprising. Honestly, I had anticipated that my big toe's toenail might be the one to go, but it turned out to be the second toe on the other foot. The toenail on my left big toe is still somewhat discolored, and a portion of it has come off, but it hasn't completely disappeared, which is perfectly fine.

Fortunately, the toe itself isn't painful, and I can already see some new growth starting at the edges. I'm uncertain how long it will take, but at least there's no bleeding or oozing to worry about.

So, for anyone planning to undertake the rim-to-river trail, be prepared – you might lose a toenail or two along the way or experience some discoloration.

Nevertheless, in the end, the sacrifices were well worth it.

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